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How Long to Wear Invisalign for Crowded Teeth?

How long do you have to wear Invisalign? My teeth are very crowded and I wanted crowns, but they say that's too expensive. They said I should wear... READ MORE

Is There Long Term Damage Done when Skipping 5 Invisalign Trays?

I'm a 27 year old woman who has never had braces in the past. I'm currently doing the Invisalign treatment. I've completed trays 1-6 wearing each tray... READ MORE

Should Some Teeth Be Extracted Before Invisalign?

I am 29 years old. I've never had braces before. I am going to improve my front teeth which have some space and uneven. If I take Invisalign, do I... READ MORE

Correcting 8mm Anterior Overjet with Increased Overbite with Invisalign? (photo)

I'm 32yrs male with overjet and overbite Class 2 malocclusion and crowding. no functional problems yet, concern is more aesthetic. Orthodontics... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Correct a Sideways Tooth?

I basically have have a tooth in the front (the one next to the two main front teeth), which grew in completely sideways. I'm 31 now. My front... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Fix Protruding and Gapped Front Teeth?

I am 26 years old and my front teeth protrude and have gaps in them due to finger sucking as a child. Is it possible for invisalign to fix this? READ MORE

How Can Invisalign Works with Only 11 Trays? Suggested Treatment with Braces Was 24 Months? (photo)

I didn't wear retainers after braces treatment. Now 28 years old, two orthos suggested me to wear regular braces for 24 months to fix my crowding and... READ MORE

How to Fix my Overjet? (photo)

I have an overjet of around 5-6 mm along with an overbite. I do not feel any discomfort or pain in my jaw/teeth and my teeth are otherwise healthy. I... READ MORE

Invisalign for Slightly Crooked Teeth?

I am a female of 29 years of age. At about the age of 12, I had fixed braces and had them for about 18 months. I then had retainers which didn't do a... READ MORE

Questions About Invisalign Extra Costs?

Hi! I'm 28. Never had braces. Teeth are worse now. May want invisalign. Read reviews. Cost is my issue. People say some things aren't included... READ MORE

Can roots of a tooth fuse to the bone?

I've been told recently that statistics say after the age of 26, the probability of being able to retrieve an impacted tooth such as the "I tooth" and... READ MORE

My bite is not aligned after Invisalign - the back teeth are the problem. Can the bite settle on its own? (photos)

I had three rounds of Invisalign treatments (42 trays+42 trays+15 trays). The teeth look much better, however my bite is off. The upper right side is... READ MORE

Invisalign 13 Years After Braces?

I had braces about 13 years ago when I was 15. My bottom teeth are straight but my top teeth are crowded now. My four front top teeth are out of... READ MORE

Should I Expect a Treatment of Invisalign to Last for over 12 Months?

I suffer from overcrowding in the lower-frontal teeth area. This causes me some discomfort. However, I was wondering if my overcrowding could be too... READ MORE

I decided to reuse my Invisalign. The bottom set is loose in the back but tight in the front. Do I need a new set?

When I was 18/19 I got invisaligns. Its been about 10 years since I've worn. My upper tray fits perfectly. But ALL of my lower trays fit tight in the... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Help Correct a Bad Bite That is Causing Jaw Asymmetry?

Hi I'm a 25 year old considering invisalign, My upper teeth currently slope down to the left side of my face. As a result of this my lower teeth are... READ MORE

Will Invisalign Fix These Multiple Large Gaps? (photo)

I'm a 27 year old male seriously considering Invisalign treatment. I had straight baby teeth but some complications with my adult teeth replacing them... READ MORE

Invisalign or Braces (photo)

The facts:33 yrs old, deep bite (front teeth slanted inwards);no upper second incisors; upper canines=fangs; baby tooth next to my left upper... READ MORE

After using 12 trays of invisalign out of my 23 liners, my teeth are moving but they now look worse than before. Why? (Photo)

I am 27 years old and I have started an invisalign treatment because I always felt that my midline was not straight and my left side teeth are lower... READ MORE

Is It Too Late to Fix Adult Front Teeth?

I have 2 front goofy teeth. What can I do to fix it? I am 31 years old; is it too late to treat it? READ MORE

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