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With Invisalign, is It Okay to Drink Liquids Other Than Water?

This is just my 2nd day with Invisalign. The little bit of discomfort is going away. I was told to ONLY drink water when the braces are in, due to... READ MORE

Can I Go on to my Next Invisalign Tray After Less Than 2 Weeks, if my Teeth Fit in It?

It seems that after about a week, my teeth have moved and will fit in the next tray. Is there any disadvantage to moving through the trays faster and... READ MORE

After Invisalign Treatment, What Type of Retainer Will I Get?

I was wondering when your done with the Invisalign treatment , I know you get a retainer and usually it is a clear retainer that looks exactly like... READ MORE

Am I Able to Drink Anything and Eat Soft Foods While Wearing Invisalign?

I was curious if I was allowed to drink anything while wearing Invisalign or if it would damage my Invisalign. Drinks (with the exception of coffee... READ MORE

Wearing Invisalign for Less Than 24 Hours Per Day

I'm not sure I can commit to wearing the invisalign appliances for 24hrs per day. What happens if I only wear it at night and for a few hours per... READ MORE

After Doing Full Invisalign Treatment, What Does It Mean to Need a "Refinement"?

After almost completing the full Invisalign tray treatment, I am wearing #15's (17 trays total for upper and lowers) but specifically for a front... READ MORE

Do I Still Need to Wear a Retainer After Invisalign?

Do you still need to wear a retainer after Invisalign? Or could you simply continue to wear the last Invisalign brace to ensure your teeth stay in place? READ MORE

Invisalign and TMJ

I am on tray 6 of Invisalign and am having problems with pain in my jaw and headaches. Do other people have this problem? I am wondering if I am... READ MORE

Whitening with Invisalign Tray and Attachments?

My dentist gave me whitening gel to use with invisalign trays - I have about 3 months left in my initial trays. However, I have a number of... READ MORE

What Can I Do About "Black Triangles" Caused by Invisalign Treatment?

I started invisalign treatment in Feb. 08 for crooked teeth. I'm wearing the last tray for bottom teeth and the result is not nearly satisfying.... READ MORE

Invisalign: How to Eat when Can't Brush Right Away?

Can a person use invisalign if they cannot always brush right after eating? Running water is not always available during the day at worksites -- could... READ MORE

Lost Invisalign Tray - Can I Advance Early?

I'm away at college and lost current tray after wearing one week. I don't have previous trays either. Called dr. on Wed. for advice and was... READ MORE

Hello, is It Normal That my Invisalign Top Tray Doesn't Fit on my Front Teeth?

My top tray isn't fitting onto my teeth properly. Only the left side of my top tray fits, but my two front teeth and the right side don't.... READ MORE

What Should Be Done If Invisalign Attachments Fall Off?

How often do Invisalign attachments accidentally come off? What would cause that failure? READ MORE

Teeth Bands Versus Invisalign for Gap Between Front Teeth?

Why would invisalign be a better option for straightening a gap between two front teeth over teeth bands? ( Is it important... READ MORE

Can Bonding Be Removed Without Taking Away Any Tooth Structure? How Should It Be Done?

This question relates to residual Invisalign IPR been bonded by the destist. I am looking for a second opinion. I want to remove the bonding and close... READ MORE

If Invisalign Chewies Are Not Used Everyday, Will Alignment Be Dramatically Delayed?

Why isn't using the fingers to push the Invisalign in place good enough? READ MORE

Lost my retainer but don't have enough money to fund for another, will my teeth be okay?

I had my brace removed 2 weeks ago but lost it at a meal last week, I've been to get a new mould on my bottom teeth and will have it ready for Friday... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have Some Mouth Sores when You Begin to Use Invisalign?

Are there any over-the-counter medications available to help with this? READ MORE

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