2 Weeks Post-op + Invisalign

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Lost my retainer but don't have enough money to fund for another, will my teeth be okay?

I had my brace removed 2 weeks ago but lost it at a meal last week, I've been to get a new mould on my bottom teeth and will have it ready for Friday... READ MORE

Invisalign Attachments Keep Falling off, 3rd Time in 2 Weeks?

Within my first 2 weeks of Invisalign treatment, I have already went to my dentist 2 times (1st time 3 fell off) 2nd time (2 fell off). And now, I... READ MORE

Stains between teeth after Invisalign

I started wearing Invisalign about two weeks ago, and I have been VERY diligent about brushing and flossing each and every time after eating and... READ MORE

Invisalign liners feel loose after 2 weeks?

I have recently begun my invisalign treatment, and have noticed that after two week my invisalign liners feel loose and almost worn out. The issue... READ MORE

Is this decay/cavity or stain? (Photos)

So just over a month ago I had a checkup and a clean and I had 3 cavitys which are all fixed. I've been doing Invisalign for 2 weeks now so I'm... READ MORE

Second and First Molar and Canine Small Cavities After Using Invisalign for 17 Days?

I've been using invisalign for like 17 days.. Everything was fine until I found out that I have like thin dark brown lines on my second and first... READ MORE

Can I change my Invisalign aligners if they are still tight after two weeks?

I'm on my first tray of Invisalign. My top aligners have been loose since the end of the first week. After 10 days, my bottom aligners are very loose... READ MORE

Can my teeth move in 2 weeks?

I started Invisalign treatment 2 weeks ago. Is it possible for my jaw line to become narrow in this short time? My ortho staff did ITERO pics, and... READ MORE

Can I change trays at 12 days instead of 2 weeks?

I have 21 trays. At tray 8 I started changing early on my own. I am on tray 11 now. Do you think things will work out fine. No problems so far. READ MORE

The bottom of my front tooth feels sharp/thin after first two weeks of Invisalign. Is this normal?

I noticed that my front tooth feels sharp and thin at the end (shape like a v). It is possible that the saliva that sometimes sits in the attachment... READ MORE

I started my treatment with Invisalign 2 weeks ago. Am I supposed to pay for each new aligner that my dentist give me? (photo)

My dentist asks me to come every two weeks for a "follow-up visit" to give me my new tray and to clean my teeth. She doesn't want to give me trays in... READ MORE

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