2 Days Post-op + Invisalign

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2 Days Post Invisalign:

I got my invisalign w/attachments yesterday. I feel as though I have cement or glue in places where it shouldn't be. When I flossed last night, I... READ MORE

I have been wearing Invisalign for two days now and have been feeling nauseous and dizzy. Is this a side effect?

I have been wearing my Invisalign for two days now and I am feeling nauseous and dizzy with upset stomach are the two related? READ MORE

What about oral sex (on the giving side) with Invisalign?

If I remove the trays I still have a few of those buttons or whatever they are and they are relatively sharp. I'm on day two of my first tray of 33. READ MORE

Does it get easier to take off my alingers?

I'm on the first trey and 2 days in. I feel excruciating pain EVERY time I take off my aligners to eat. I'm at the point where I don't eat much... READ MORE

Should I have an Invisalign "anchor" replaced?

Two days ago, the anchor on my bottom, right, rearmost molar fell off. I am currently away at college (my dentist is in my hometown) and do not have... READ MORE

My attachments have come off! What next?!

I had 13 attachments placed two days ago and 5 have come off. Dentist is not open today and I'm out of town for 5 weeks! What should I do? READ MORE

What's with all the buttons!?

I am only on day TWO of having invisalign. I really can't complain b/c I only need 10 trays. However, I was NOT at all prepared for all the "buttons"... READ MORE

I just took off my braces for Invisalign, and it's my 2 day, and I feel like they're separating again any advice?

I just took of my braces for invaslign and it's my 2 day and I feel like they're separating again and the invaslign tray won't fit is it me being... READ MORE

I have had my invisalign braces for literally 2 days and last night I took them out to eat a paella?

I put them back in after eating. I made sure i brushed my teeth before bed but this morning woke up with bright yellow teeth and my retainers are... READ MORE

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