1 Day Post-op + Invisalign

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Is It Normal to Not Be Able to Bite Down Completely when Just Starting Invisalign?

I got my invisalign yesterday and I cannot bite down all the way...I don't know if this is normal. Also, on my right bottom side, it is irritating... READ MORE

Is It Normal for Your Bite to Feel off While Wearing the Invisalign Trays?

I just got my first set of invisalign trays yesterday. When I put them in, I felt my teeth wouldnt close together properly. When I bite down as I... READ MORE

Attachments All Fallen off?

Yesterday I had my attachments put on. I had 11 attachments put on in total. In the dentists office one came off and she said she would re-do in two... READ MORE

Happily Finished Invisalign, Now Tooth Shifted Up After One Night?

I just finished my Invisalign treatment yesteday and was happy with the result. As a parting gift my dentist fixed my right front tooth which was... READ MORE

First Day of Invisalign. Unbelievable Pain! When Will It Subside?

Hey Today is my first day of invisalign and I am facing an unbelievable pain especially after I take them off and I have a medical issue that prevents... READ MORE

First Day of Invisalign. Can't Pronounce the "S" and "Z", Normal?

Hey Today is my first day of invisalign and I can't pronounce the "S" and "Z" so is it just the first day or it's a problem that I will face during... READ MORE

Sensitivity after Invisalign attachment placed on tooth?

I got my attachments put on yesterday and they didn't really explain the process or the materials involved. One tooth has two attachments, one at the... READ MORE

Can I take off my aligners for 4 hours straight and not delay my treatment?

I just started Invisalign a week ago and the entire 22 hours of wear is beyond impossible for me. Don't get me wrong I've been wearing my aligners at... READ MORE

One Side Of My (Top) Invisalign Does Not Click. Is That Normal?

It is my first day with invisalign and everytime I've taken them out so far (which is twice) they have clicked back into place. Now however the right... READ MORE

Invisalign hyper tooth sensitivity with gum recession and root exposure

I am a 62 year old woman who has a lot of gum recession and root exposure, which I have under control. I got Invisalign and yesterday, I got five... READ MORE

Will the pain eventually stop, or will I need to find an alternative solution?

I have had Invisilign for about a day now and my tongue has been getting cut against the insides of both the bottom AND the top trays. I also have a... READ MORE

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