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Intragastric balloons are a non-surgical weight loss option for people with a BMI of 30-40. Silicone balloons are placed in the stomach via an endoscopy. It’s then filled with saline, creating a feeling of fullness after even small meals. It remains in the stomach for up to six months, after which it's removed. Paired with the adoption of healthy diet and exercise habits, intragastric balloons are a good option for those who don’t want or qualify for weight loss surgery, but the results are not as dramatic as what can be expected with gastric bypass, a sleeve gastrectomy, or the lap band.

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Reshape Dual Gastric Balloons-45 Y/o Female, 172.8lbs, 5'3", San Diego, CA

Gained 45+lbs in the last 10 years due to an unhealthy relationship resulting in Major Depressive Disorder. Successfully purged my toxic ex, but not the lbs gained from constantly eating my feelings. Therapy helps, but a 24/7 sugar addiction/consumption impediment is mandatory. The Reshape... READ MORE

33 Years Old. 4 Kids. I Want Lose Weight

Yesterday I put the ball SPRATZ instragastrico I explained to the doctor that this ball is different because it can be left up to a year and can be enlarged or made smaller according to ss need. The procedure was very fast I performed the Edgar Campos DR in Mexicali, Almater hospital came very... READ MORE

Reshape Gastric Balloon - Vienna, VA

Tried everything and I just couldnt stay on them. No will power. tthis will be what I need. 5'5" 194 46 years old. Having Reshape balloon placed on Wednesday. Dr and Staff have been great So far Will post pics and update soon. hoping to lose 40-50 lbs in 6 months. Will keep you posted, blah... READ MORE

do not do the gastric balloon with results md in south florida!

I did the gastric balloon procedure at Results Md Plastic Surgery in South Florida. And what a DISORGANIZED PLACE! They have A LOT of cons: 1- When you schedule an appointment with them, you wait 1-2hours inside a room until SOMEONE gets to see you. The doctor is usually 3 hours later! 2- The... READ MORE


I had these balloons put it to help curb my appetite, to help me eat less, which in turn would help me lose weight.... THAT DID NOT HAPPEN!! The only weight you will lose is due to liquid diet the week before and the week after the surgery. Waste of money and time!!! READ MORE

It caused life threatening issues

I got my Reshape Balloons on 2/27/17. My symptoms were all normal from what I read. I actually didn't fee as bad as I thought I would. On 3/09/17, I started feeling more tired than normal and nausea and my stomach spasms had come back. On 3/10/17, I barely made it to work. I was miserably tired... READ MORE

Reshape - Waste of $8k and 6 Months of Horrific Acid Reflux/constipation for ~15lb Weight Loss

I began losing weight and changing my lifestyle approximately 1 year prior to having the Reshape balloons inserted. I planned to use ReShape to assist in portion control and speed up my weight loss. I did not think they were a magic bullet. I thought they would be a tool in my weight loss... READ MORE

Time to Change

I decided to get reshape done after getting up to 237 and only 5'7. I was unhappy with myself and my lack of self-control when it came to food. The procedure was not to bad. I did wake up in pain (I had had bronchitis the month before and the doctor said I was coughing throughout the procedure.)... READ MORE

Reshape Balloon

Trying the Reshape gallon. Dr includes weekly nutrition appts to start, then every two weeks, going to monthly. Nervous and very ready to make a change. Need to lose weight to have knee surgery, but have found my motivation isn't what it used to be. Am trying the transderm scopolamine patch and... READ MORE

Spatz Gastric Ballon Trial - Towson, MD

I have been a member of the yo-yo community since I could remember. As I have gotten older its harder to bounce back and my body is reacting horribley to the weight. I really wanted weight loss surgery, but my BMI was too low. I came across the study trial for the Spatz balloon and thought, why... READ MORE

One Week 7lbs Lighter - Mexico

I decided to share my views on the intragastric balloon since it is a fairy new procedure. I had the single balloon inserted on September 5th with approximate cost of $3000 US Dollars. The procedure was done in Mexico with US educated Doctors. The first 48 hours were horrible with stomach... READ MORE

60, Need to Lose Weight for Medical Reasons - Jackson, MS

My renal doc mentioned this procedure as he once again cautioned me to lose wt. other than the cost, it seemed harmless enough (no cutting). Information on the procedure is scarce or is only written from medical or media view. How excited I was to find this site and real live patients. Tell... READ MORE

31, 2 Kids, Living Abroad. - Pyeongtaek, South Korea

I am morbidly obese but tall so I like to think I don't look that big (but I do). I'm 5'9" and 320 lbs. Thought about the sleeve but I like the idea of the balloon and no surgery. Just got the balloon today. Feeling gross - nauseous, cramp (feels like I'm really hungry) and have vomited twice.... READ MORE

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