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1 ml of Emervel Fillers in my lips & nasolabial folds made my jaw swollen. Any suggestions?

I had fillers put into my lips & nasolabial folds 3 days ago, after I left the clinic I noticed my jaw line was really swollen, I thought it would get... READ MORE

Will fillers make large pores on my cheeks look worse? (Photo)

I have very large pores and very oily skin and at 42 years old they are only looking worse. Stretched and wrinkly. I'm want to get filler in my cheeks... READ MORE

Is this a granuloma (from filler)? Or something else? (photos)

Over the previous 18 months, I've had various filler treatments to the corner of the cheeks to help 'lift' the face. Unfortunately over the past four... READ MORE

Why is my face so deformed, swollen and out of shape? Taken antibiotics for infection from doctors but no change. (photos)

I've had fillers for around seven years with no issues however in the past year or more something has gone wrong! I've not had fillers in my cheek for... READ MORE

I Had Hyaluronic Acid in NL Folds Two Days Ago, but Now Appear Worse on One Side? (photo)

I had hyaluronic acid injected in NL folds two days ago. The results looked great after I left, but two days later one side seems worse. Almost more... READ MORE

Facial fillers: How much is too much filler?

After fat loss i had a lot of filler put in , but i need to top up every 2/3 months with half syringe as it keep dissolving , i have it in my cheeks,... READ MORE

When Hyaluronic Fillers Dont Work, is there other treatment I can try to "go by" until next year? (photos)

I am a 43 ys women a doctor injected hyaluronic acid all over my face a couple months ago focusing in a fold I have on the left side of my face, which... READ MORE

I don't want to ruin a good thing. Should I get fillers?

I am thinking of getting some facial fillers in the laugh lines, under eyes, lips, and or cheeks. I get told all the time when wearing makeup that I... READ MORE

Can injections under the eye for hollowness cause sagging or worse appearance later on?

I am looking into options for the hollowness and thin skin under my eyes. I have severe dark circles and when I smile the muscle under my eye is very... READ MORE

Will cheek fillers make large pores look worse?

I have large pores on my cheeks but am hoping to add filler to create some cheekbone definition. Will adding filler stretch out pores or make them... READ MORE

How can I look younger? (photos)

I'm basically aging over night.. I have been to a few doctors and they all tell me to do nothing. I've had two syringes of restylsne in the apples of... READ MORE

Tried getting my lip injections fixed and they are worse! I'm freaking out. (photos)

About a month ago I got lip injections they were uneven last week I went to get them fixed she ended up putting another 1/2 syringe of princess volume... READ MORE

Can filler help help a "dropping" face? (photos)

I have been getting injectables but I feel like it's worsening around my mouth and my face feels heavier and more drawn down with the filler in that... READ MORE

Peri oral mounds/pre jowl sulcus area needs help. (photos)

The right one is much worse than the left. Does anyone have experience filling the area below the mounds to smooth it out? What filler would be best... READ MORE

Lip fillers have gone down in three days, should I complain? (Photos)

I had 1ml lip fillers mainly all in top lip on the wednesday. They swelled really badly the next day (Thursday). Then went down and they looked nice... READ MORE

Can you indefinitely use fillers to mask malar bags or are their consequences. Is there a permanent fix my drs not aware of?

I have hereditary malar bags which seem to be less noticeable after my period ends. I got a lower bleph with upper cheek lift which is where my malar... READ MORE

Help with an ongoing issue on my face, on my cheek, "tear trough area" under the eye. (photos)

First occurence was in sept. 2016. 1st dermatologist made my condition worse, &the second has only gave me hydrocoritsone for a couple of months, &... READ MORE

What could these lumps be after filler? (Photos)

Hi, I've had lumps appear in my top lip approx 12 months ago, since then I have had additional Juv & Restylne added however the lumps have not... READ MORE

Very disappointing experience with under eye filler. I look worse than before treatments.I had the injections on 8/13/16.(photo)

Should I add more or get it dissolved? I had injec on 7/13/16. Hadsevere bruise left eye; 2 days had laser to reduce bruising. Went back at 2 weeks;... READ MORE

Amalian Fillers for Face and Lips? (photo)

I had a filler called Amalian (Amalian II or Amalian LT II) - by Nordic Aesthetics from Sweden injected in my cheeks and lips - he used the same one... READ MORE

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