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Noticing Lump After Surgical Excision of Tear Trough Filler, Am I Experiencing a Complication? is This Normal? (photo)

Five years ago i had under eye fillers, which formed little hard lumps in my right tear trough,after unsuccessful Hyaluronidase attempts to dissolve... READ MORE

Complications after hyaluronic shot in the nasolabial region. How worried should I be? (Photo)

Hi, yesterday it was the first time I got hyaluronic acid shots. Before the filler, the doctor gave me a local anesthetic shot (lidocaine?) in my... READ MORE

How Long Does Novielle Filler Last?

Anything I should worry about? I know I'm probably too late, he told me it could last 2 years, is that true? READ MORE

Had lip filler injected, brand called "Hyaldew" by "uBiosoft" however, now worried about the source!

The doctor injected this filler free of charge due to my long lasting lumps and so far it seems like it had evened my lips (waiting on swelling to go... READ MORE

Did I get a bad lip augmentation? if so what can I do to fix? (photos)

Hello, i recently got hyaluronic acid fillers and after swelling has gone away i feel that they have an odd shape, i am not 100% happy with them. i... READ MORE

Filler under the eye resulted in lump and doesn't go away

2 years ago I had fillers under the eyes for a rejuvenating effect. The doctor injected Princess filler from Croma pharmaceuticals (Austria).... READ MORE

Tear trough swollen immediately after treatment (Photo)

Help just had tear troth injected and swollen immediately after treatment really worried READ MORE

25 year old female/ under eye hollows / at a loss as to what to do. (Photos)

I've had undereye hollows since abt 20 yrs old - but since beginning a stressful job 3 yrs ago, they've gotten worse. i exercise, drink water,... READ MORE

Is there a Botox alternative? (Photo)

Due to an autoimmune condition I prefer to stay away from Botox--and I'm worried about hitting a nerve or headaches after. What else can I use to... READ MORE

What would I need - can this be solved with fillers or would surgery be required? What would the costs be? (Photos)

My face is larger on the left side. 90% of the time i have jaw ache/ pain on that side. My confidence is low as im worried thats all people will see.... READ MORE

Should I be worried that one side is bigger than the other? (Photo)

Hi I got fillers yesterday and now one side is quite noticebly bigger than the other. Should I be worried? READ MORE

Lip fillers swollen lips after 20 days.

I had my lip fillers done 21 days ago and for the past week i have been taking a medicine that delays my period and this causes water retention i can... READ MORE

I had lip fillers done one week ago in top lip it's still very sore and not symmetrical, should I worry yet? (Photo)

The lip filler used lasts 2 years apparently it was THE most painful thing I have ever experienced on a par with childbirth and I'm pretty tough in... READ MORE

I'm very worried that I injected the fake Azzalure?

Recently I inject the azzalure in a private clinic· but after, I found the cover box and the logo was totally different with the official picture. Sh... READ MORE

My cheek filler is expanding, what can I do?

Hi. I had filler in my cheeks (high part and the balls) about 3 years ago and it's like it keeps growing and growing, my face looks distorted and my... READ MORE

Crooked lips 3 days after fillers - Should I start to worry or could this just be swelling? (photo)

I received one syringe of lip filler 3 days ago. Immediately after the injections were administered I could tell I look extremely crooked. The doctor... READ MORE

2 years ago I got lip fillers. Every 6 months I add more fillers and I have herpes. Should I worry? (Photos)

I got my last injections 5 months ago. I have herpes. It hurts, I feel like that I have a little ball. I always have herpes 2 times in a year but... READ MORE

I had Teoysal Deep Lines filler done a month ago...Now got bumps left, can I massage it? (Photo)

Two days after I had it done my boyfriend by accident bite it in one place...I decided to just leave it and let it cure itself...Today a month later i... READ MORE

My lips are extremely swollen after hyaluronic acid injections, what do I do? (Photo)

I've made my lips yesterday with hylauronic acid 1 ml...they are extremely swollen.please help me I'm very worried. READ MORE

Lip fillers when talking

Hi there, I am planning on getting my lips done soon since mine are ultra thin so I want to increase the size quite dramatically. I have seen many... READ MORE

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