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Fillers for Narrow Forehead to Make is Wider?

I have narrow face and forehead. I know fillers can be used on my cheeks, temples but can fillers be used on my forehead to make it little wider as well? READ MORE

I want to have a jaw filler and I am a 23 years old girl. Is it an option for a thin face?

I would like to have a wider jawline and I have heard alot about fillers thats called nefertiti or texas, both of them are fillers they used to get... READ MORE

What can be done to get a wider jawline? (Photo)

I have looked into mandibular angle implants but i have read many complications on them such as getting infected, shifting around etc... would a... READ MORE

Jaw line, is there any possible non surgical to make my face look wider? (photos)

 Like to define the jawline like Angelina Jolie ? and does losing weight would change the face shape and contour the face ? Does any doctor in... READ MORE

What kind of filler is best for my face? I want wider jawline, face contouring with fillers and plump lips (Photo)

What kind of fillers is best for my face I want wider jawline and face contouring with fillers and a plump lips Have a thin small face I don't think... READ MORE

Would widening my jaw with filler be an improvement? Which filler would be best? (Photos)

Are the results I photoshopped a possibility? How many syringes would you estimate it would take? Thank you for your time. READ MORE

Is it possible to get wider more perky lips with fillers? (Photos)

Is it possible to achieve lips like this with fillers ? I want lips exactly like this picture so what are the steps I can take to achieve this look READ MORE

Is there a way to widen my lips with injectables? (photo)

I am insecure about the width of my lips, as it barley stretches past my nose which is somewhat wide. What procedure is best to fix this? READ MORE

Hip Injections or Fillers?

Hello, I was looking for a possible solution to widening my hips without implants. I do not contain fat for a fat transfer. So I was wondering if any... READ MORE

Is there a way to make my lips wider and more proportional? (Photo)

I was wondering if lip fillers would be a good option to make my lips appear wider and more proportional? I have very small but full lips, making them... READ MORE

Can I use a filler to widen forehead? (Photos)

I used to have a diamond shaped face. I then did a few anabolic steroid cycles and with some serious eating, I guess I stimulated growth of the... READ MORE

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