Weight Gain + Injectable Fillers

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Nasolabial folds and mouth corners turning at 24. Will facial exercises or losing weight or facial fillers help? (photo)

Hi I am 24 yrs old & since the past one year I rapidly gained 40lbs from bc pills. How I have all these NL folds and curved mouth corners that make me... READ MORE

Best Treatment for the Money for Marionette Lines?

I just turned 50, my skin is in pretty good shape. Over the last couple of years I developed marionette lines and they make me look old. I've gained... READ MORE

Will gaining weight replace the need for fillers?

I was recently put on a diet by my nutritionist in order to gain weight, because I have always been underweight. My face looks rather gaunt, and my... READ MORE

Why does one side of my face show older signs of aging skin? (Photo)

It has been really disturbing me. It reminds me of how a 50 year olds skin would look. I am in my 20s and I haven't noticed this until this year. I am... READ MORE

10 lb weight loss: right side of my face looks flat and unattractive. (photo)

Should I get fillers or gain some weight back? I wasn't overweight before (122 5'5 V 112 5'5) so my health will not suffer The right side of my face... READ MORE

Male 27, deep nasolabial folds, a permanent solution maybe? (photos)

Hello, for some unknown reason my nasolabial folds appeared this year and gradually went worse. I gained some weight too , maybe 5 kilos. But I doubt... READ MORE

How do I get rid of deep creases/lines around my neck and collarbones? (Photos)

I am 18 and have deep creases/lines around my neck and collarbones. They are very noticeable and make me feel self conscious because they are always... READ MORE

How long before kenalog stops working? 2 weeks post op.

I went to see an experienced board certified plastic surgeon about a lump in my tear trough, result of a fat transfer over 5 years ago. The lump was... READ MORE

Nasolabial folds and mouth "wrinkles" at very young age - what are my options? (photos)

Hi, i'm 19 years old and very self-conscious about my nose and mouth lines. They make me look always tired and much older. I really want to get rid of... READ MORE

What is best? Was told by one surgeon fillers, Botox, Ultherapy and k-lift. One said weight gain, then fat injections. (Photo)

I'm turning 50 in July. In last two years I went from 116lb to 83lb no medical reason. I can't get past 90. My face use to be round and I'm tired of... READ MORE

Fillers. Do I need them YET? (photos)

I will be 39 this year, and I am starting to feel like I am looking my age. I'm on a strict budget, so any kind of beauty treatments considered have... READ MORE

Can nasolabial folds and droopy face appear due to weight gain?

I'm 27 female and recently I suddenly realised my facial skin can be easily moved when I clean it, like it's hanging and mild nasolabial folds have... READ MORE

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