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Which Filler Offers the Most Facial Volume?

Comparing milliliter for milliliter of volume achieved/treatment, which filler, including the use of fat, offers the greatest amount of volume for the... READ MORE

Fillers to Make Upper Eyelids Fuller?

Are there any fillers that can recreate upper eyelid fullness? I am in my early 40's, have lost volume in my face, especially around my eyes, making... READ MORE

How is Hollowness on and Below the Orbital Rim Treated?

Everything I have read about tear troughs seems to refer to volumizing the orbital area by placing filler underneath the eye muscle. However, how are... READ MORE

Procedure for Volume Loss on Tear Trough or Cheek?

Is there an injectable filler or procedure available that can smooth out or plump up the tear trough demarcation from the upper cheek to the under eye... READ MORE

Can Dermal Filler in the Temple or High Cheek Bone Lift the Corner of the Eye?

The "waterline" of my eyelid is round instead of almond shaped like it use to be. It is exposing the "white part" under my pupil... READ MORE

Can Dermal Fillers be Used to Add Volume to the Nose?

Can Dermal Fillers Be Added to Other Parts of the Nose Such As the Columella and Lateral Sidewalls to Add Volume to the Nose? READ MORE

I'm interested filling tear trough & adding volume to malar area. What would you recommend? (photos)

25 year old female, good health, no previous cosmetic procedures. I'm interested in correcting my hereditary tear trough and adding volume to the... READ MORE

Is there a filler that can lift the vermillion border on the upper lip?

Is there a filler that can lift the vermilion border on the upper lip without adding volume to the pink part of the lip? If so, which filler is ideal?... READ MORE

What to Do About Hollowing on One Side of the Face?

I am losing volume on the right side of my face and it is very noticeable under my eye as it is becoming very hollow. What is the cause and what can I do? READ MORE

Why No Hyaluronic Acid Fillers for Large Volume Use?

Why is there no safe filler for large area's that is affordable? Like really, is fat, which is unpredictable, and Sculptra, which causes lumps, the... READ MORE

Do I need fillers? How can I get rid of these lines? How can I add volume to my face? (Photo)

Hello, I am 29 year old female living in NYC. I am so annoyed by the dropping lines around the eye and mouth, makes my face look tired, my pores on... READ MORE

Juvederm (or other hla filler) vs Fat grafting? (photo)

Hi, I am considering volume for the nasiolabial folds and the undereye area. Considering cost, recovery time, and best chances for a favorable result,... READ MORE

Which filler and quantity for volume and tear troughs? I have been told juvederm, beletero, and voluma.

I'm close to 40 and recently lost weight worsening my under the eye issues. I use botox, both cosmetically and for migraines for about two years and... READ MORE

Can I add volume to lower face? (photos)

I have a strong and angular lower face. What can I do to make it look softer? Can I add fat it fillers to my lower face? READ MORE

Dermal Fillers On Top of Chin Implant?

I have a small chin implant that I like, but now wish I had even more projection on the profile than I first wanted when selecting an implant. I do... READ MORE

Regretting using HA fillers in my cheeks for adding volume. How much hyaluronidaise would I need and what are the risks? (photo)

After removing 8 year old malar implants because one migrated I have been using HA filler to add volume (my cheeks looked totally flat after removal).... READ MORE

What kind of filler and how much needed to restore volume in face? (Photo)

In the past two years, I have lost a considerable amount of volume in my face. The left picture is me before losing 10 pounds and the picture on the... READ MORE

Alternative Solutions to Fillers for Restoring Facial Volume?

I’m 26 years old, but I feel like my face is falling! I lost weight earlier this year, along with any remaining baby fat in my face, apparently.... READ MORE

Will Additional Weight Loss Affect Facial Filler Placement?

I'm 39 and I've lost close to 30 pounds in the past 9 months. As my body is getting slimmer, I'm also losing volume in my face and crows... READ MORE

It is Possible to Stimulate the Masseter Muscle to Gain Volume? (photo)

There is a medical condition "masseter muscle hypertrophy" which causes this muscle to overdevelop. When it does a weak jaw angle will look more... READ MORE

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