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Remove Voluma from Cheek After 10 Months?

Can i remover voluma from my cheek after and reverse the effects with Hyaluronidase. From Day 1, one cheek reacted with intermittent swelling to the... READ MORE

Hardness and Itchy Lumps in Cheek After Voluma- Normal?

I had voluma in cheeks 3 weeks ago. Right cheek was great with no probs but the left cheek immediately developed moderate swelling, hardness and 2... READ MORE

Juvederm Voluma in the Jaw Mandable? How Effective Does It Look After Its Done?

I had my cheeks done with voluma and my cheeks look good, stick out alot (they were pretty decent anyway) but now im wondering....if i put a 1 ml... READ MORE

35 year old requesting advise on Voluma for cheeks (Photo)

I am 35 years old and am lean due to running. I've gotten botox in my jaw for TMJ which leaned my face out. My mouth is also downturned from age or... READ MORE

Best fillers for temples?

I am thinking of having fillers injested ted to my temples and was wondering which filler would be best. I want somethng that wil not cause a lump or... READ MORE

Uneven nasolabial folds when I smile, can filler help? (photo)

I have an issue that bothers me a lot. I have deep uneven nasolabial folds that are very apparent when smiling. They are most apparent in photos (not... READ MORE

Aside from a face lift, what is the best procedure or filler in lifting the jowl area? (photos)

I am a 58 year old female and am satisfied so far with Botox in the forehead area, Juvaderm Voluma in the cheeks, but have developed significant... READ MORE

HA fillers are leaving me puffy and round faced, are there other options that do a better job of mimicking bone structure?

I'm a 27 year old man w a rounder face. I want to imitate bone structure in my upper cheeks and chin to give me a more angular face. Every time I go... READ MORE

What filler is best to use in chin to avoid necrosis? And how big is the risk to get necrosis?

I've had a chinimplant in the past, and I got it removed 5 years ago. I've used fillers such as Perlane and Voluma in the chin to make my chin look... READ MORE

What happens to fillers used for the cheeks and midface as they dissolve?

I'd either like midface augmentation of fillers to soften a flat midface and diminish nasolabial folds that age me. Voluma, Radiesse, Dysport etc... READ MORE

If I can only spend around $1500 on injectibles where and what product is recommend for greatest impact? (Photos)

I just want to appear younger. My problem areas that I see are the hollowness under eyes ,droopy eyelids , jowls and down turned mouth. I had voluma... READ MORE

What is the best dermal filler for me? Are they all injected in the same area or are some injected deeper? (Photo)

I am hoping to get dermal fillers done for the first time but I am confused with the many types of fillers on the market!! Are all fillers injected in... READ MORE

Voluma for Chin and Jaw Augmentation

Voluma by the Restylene people is approved in Australia.I would like to broaden my jaw line. I do not like Radiesse. Where exactly should it be... READ MORE

How long does Voluma last in the face region?

On their website and many others it states between 12-24 months. Is this realistic? READ MORE

Voluma Swelling and Hardness in Cheek After 4 Weeks

After 4 weeks of having voluma in cheeks, I still have slight swelling, itchiness, hardness and small lumps at injection site, in 1 cheek. No probs at... READ MORE

Hardness and Bulge in Cheek 6 Months After Voluma?

I had voluma in cheeks 6 months ago. One cheek immediately reacted for approx 6 weeks - pain, slight swelling, hardness, in part of that cheek. At 6... READ MORE

Side Effects a Year After Cheek Filler?

A year after voluma, 1 cheek continues to have side effects. From day 1 ive had hardness, mild throbbing & a feeling of mild cramping,... READ MORE

Are There Any New Long Lasting Safe Dermal Fillers on Horizon?

Hi I was wondering if there are any new long lasting safe dermal fillers that are currently being fda tested? I know voluma got approval, but is there... READ MORE

Facial fillers and PanG treatments

I had Voluma placed in my cheeks a month ago - great lift for a week then, as the doc put it, my face seemed to have "absorbed" it -- not a great... READ MORE

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