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Fillers for Under Eye Hollowness and Dark Circles?

I'm a 27 year old model. Since my teenage years I've suffered from under eye tear throughs problem. I also have some puffiness in the lower eyelid... READ MORE

Risk of Death from Injectable Fillers Due to Embolism?

I am really interested in getting an injectable filler such as Juvederm, but am paranoid as to the risks involved. Today, I just read online that if... READ MORE

Would Under Eye Fillers Help Me?

Hi, I have hollows under my eyes, would fillers help my situation? My under eye area is very thin with visible veins underneath. Would this cause more... READ MORE

Is this a granuloma (from filler)? Or something else? (photos)

Over the previous 18 months, I've had various filler treatments to the corner of the cheeks to help 'lift' the face. Unfortunately over the past four... READ MORE

I had emervel then resolved. Have two blue, purple and some reddish eyelid and circles. Any suggestions? (photos)

Had emervel injected under eyes januar this year. I swelled up and my eyes turned blue. Had it resolved over 2 times whit hyalyse In februar. Left... READ MORE

Undereye filler and blue vein laser treatment 7 weeks ago. Should I wait or dissolve filler to fix these issues? (photo)

Filler looked great after a week. However I had some blue veins, 1 week after the treatment at my follow up DR said she could remove the blue veins... READ MORE

Sensation of blood coarsing through veins in lip after lip filler, is this normal ?

I had my lips injected first in January, then again in April- but ever since then , every now and then I get the "blood coarsing though vein"... READ MORE

How to Fill in Forehead Vein Grooves? (photos)

I have quite think skin and very little under skin fat on my forehead. In the last couple of years the veins have become quite visibible in the... READ MORE

Under eye injection is at risk with experienced injector too?

There is a chance of hitting a vein when injecting under the eye area even with an experienced injector as none can actually see through the skin and... READ MORE

I am looking for a doctor who will perform under eye fillers on me (in Canada preferably)?

I am 20 years old and I have hollowed out under eyes and veins show (from being anoerxic) Having this has effected my mental health extremly and... READ MORE

Veins under eyes and dermal filler: I want to get filler in the fear trough and cheeks.

I have noticeable veins under my eyes. Is it more difficult or dangerous with the veins? READ MORE

Permanent Solution to Collapsed Under Eye Area?

Hi I am only 22 years old my have had noticeable dips under my eyes aswell as showing blue vains which make me appear alot older and very READ MORE

Kenalog 40 - what could happen if injected into vein?

I recently visited a dermatologist for Kenalog 40/5fu mixture to be intra-lesionaly injected into a rock hard mass caused by a permanent filler.... READ MORE

I had tear trough fillers a year ago, now I have 2 black eyes, visible veins and tons of milia. What can I do to rectify this?

I had fillers a year ago to correct wrinkling under my eyes. The practitioner hit a vein on one of my eyes and told me I may have a little bruise. The... READ MORE

My vein bulging near my left eye after dermal fillers. 1 year and still there. How to make it normal again? (photo)

I had dermal fillers both in my right and left temple a year ago. I felt a pain in my right temple and ıt got this purple color rightaway. I waited ... READ MORE

Can a vein finder help mitigate blindness filler risk?

I know a rare but real risk of fat grafting or filer into the forehead/brow is blindness.could the use a vein finder device prevent this? READ MORE

Fillers and plastic surgery. There is a vein sticking out slightly

I had a filler injection 2 weeks ago under my eye area, the swelling was gone within a week. but in one eye there is a vein that is sticking out... READ MORE

Worried about vein Forehead Filler?

I've had forehead fillers done today and it seems my doctor hit a nerve or vein. The vein that I normally have on my forehead, that is usually not... READ MORE

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