Vascular + Injectable Fillers

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Is this bruising necrosis or vascular occlusion 24 hrs after filler? (photos)

Hi, I had a hylaroric based filler in my nasio labial folds around 30hrs ago. I felt a lot more pain than usual in my lip area and am experiencing... READ MORE

Vascular Occlusion After Tear Trough Filler?

Hello, How soon after getting my troughs injected would I know if I was having a vascular occlusion? How long would it take and how would I know? READ MORE

Is this vascular compromise/early onset of necrosis? Overfill of cheek partially dissolved over the last month 3 times (Photos)

Since 2nd syringe placement (2wks after 1st) my face has been crooked & pushed forward. For weeks my right cheek has been drooping in a very bad... READ MORE

Will Vascular Occlusion post filler always be cold to the touch or can it be warm?

Will Vascular Occlusion always be cold to the touch or can it be warm? READ MORE

Fillers, how do you know what plane or depth you are in and not hitting an artery, vessel?

I have a fear of fillers due to the fact that the most rare consequences are blindness, embolism etc. I have seen the answers to this question where... READ MORE

Do I have a Vascular Occlusion from a filler or is this normal bruising? (Photos)

I had a filler on my tear trough on Thursday 14th of Sept. There was bruising on my left side but no bruising on the right. The photos are from... READ MORE

Does filler for a deep radix lead to vascular compromise with tissue loss and scar?

I'm interested in getting filler for a deep radix. However, I've been cautioned about vascular compromise and tissue loss/scar. I'm wondering what... READ MORE

Bad injections, please help?

Hi, I am a 43 years old woman and I had been injected 8 months ago with a filler in my face that works as Sculptra. I hate the result.My lower face is... READ MORE

Vascular occlusion on the nose after filler injection. This is 11 day after. (photos)

I use aspirin and hyperbaric oxygen, dr didn't want to put hyaluronidase under 48 h, despite I wanted that! My skin was damaged before this happened... READ MORE

Recurring pink nose month and a half after hyaluronic acid filler to nose. (photos)

So it's been about a month and a half since I had nose filler (hyaluronic acid) but i have noticed the tip of my nose becomes pink at certain times,... READ MORE

After 1ml Revance my lip color bleached and I have bruising. Is this delayed necrosis, vascular blockage? (Photos)

Didnt hurt much after, happy with the early results. got home and felt the swelling was reduced by the end of the day. The big bruise is black, blue... READ MORE

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