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Will injectable fillers in my nasolabial fold, chin and jawline will help me achieve a better profile and face shape? (photos)

I think my face is very large and wide from my eyes down and my face is quite uneven. I feel as though my individual features have the potential, but... READ MORE

Hyaluronidase for Hyalorunic Acid Filler After a Year?

I had a hyaluronic acid filler 1 year ago, and everything was fine until the product started to be resorbed 4 months ago. My problem is, the product... READ MORE

How Can I Fix a Misgrown Jaw?

The right side of my jaw is asymmetric to my right side. After feeling it, it is shorter and lower than the right side. Also, it doesnt have the same... READ MORE

Cleft Lip Uneven - Can Fillers be Used?

I have had repair of cleft lip palate, other than scar and slight uneven lip . I would like to know if it's safe and possible for me to get filler... READ MORE

My right eyebrow has a higher arch than my left. What's the best way to fix it? (Photo)

I have uneven eyebrows my left does not seem to arch as much as my right. I have had this problem for a couple of years now. Would it be easier to... READ MORE

Would Fillers in Only One Cheek Appear Uneven?

I have a fine line on my right cheek, it's more apparent in over head lighting. I'm completely happy with the left cheek. Is it possible to... READ MORE

If More Filler is Needed at a Followup Appointment to Correct Uneveness Who Covers the Expense?

It seems that many offices have the patient pay for additional filler product if the results the first time were not done evenly. With as much as... READ MORE

Do fillers work for uneven chin? (photos)

Im looking to get filler for marionette lines. I also notice that im starting to get some creases in my chin making it look uneven. Do fillers work on... READ MORE

Uneven jawline. Would filler on just the weak side give me the width I'm lacking? (Photo)

I've posted a few times about my facial problems. These pictures show pretty clearly the differences in my jaw. Left side is more square, chiseled,... READ MORE

Is it laugh lines and how to treat it? (Photo)

Hi! I have deep uneven lines around my mouth that are only seen in a certain lighting ( I am 28). I am not sure if it's laugh lines because of its... READ MORE

Upper Right Lip is Less Full/droopy and Would Like to Fix It.

I lost a tooth when I was 13 and my upper lip had changed shape. I had braces to fix my smile but it still is unsymmetrical b/c of the top upper lip... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have Fillers 3 Years on ?

I had fillers for nose to mouth lines 3 years ago and there is some still left is this normal /could i have remaining dissolved as they look uneven now. READ MORE

Under eye tear trough dropping? (Photos)

I'm very thin, yes, but haven't changed weight in last few years. The fat under my eye keeps dropping, now to the malar region of my cheeks. The tear... READ MORE

My right eyebrow droops down farther than my right. What are some injectable options to fix this problem? (Photo)

Hello! As you can see from my pictures, my right eyebrow droops down farther than my right as it reaches my nose bridge. What are some injectable... READ MORE

The cartilage in the tip of my nose is a bit uneven. Can filler be used to safely even this out? (photos)

Can filler be used to safely even this out? Are there any risks with this type of procedure? And finally, can a simple nose tip augmentation be done... READ MORE

What is the Best Option for Correcting Uneven Smile Lines, Nasolabial Folds and Smile Lines (Age 23)? (photo)

I am 23 and I have noticed that the fat in my face has kind of slunk down one side of it. Half of my face looks good, but the other half is droopy.... READ MORE

Right Jaw is Much Bigger Than the Other? (photo)

My problem is my right jaw.coz its really obvious.im super conscios everytime people notice it.what do you call this one?what method should be done to... READ MORE

I Injected a Topical Hyaluronic Acid into My bottom Lip, Which is Now Swollen and Uneven?

I also put a bit under my marionette lines. I'm scared of what's going to happen. I don't have insurance or money to go see a doctor. How much danger... READ MORE

One side of face is totally different to the other! (photo)

I have recently posted another question about fillers to replace volume, however I have just taken another photo and seen how uneven my face is!... READ MORE

can a 14 year old get a filler to correct an uneven cleft chin?

If i went to a dermatologist and asked if a facial filler would be appropriate to correct my uneven cleft chin would he say im too young? READ MORE

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