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What's the Best, Most Natural, Long Lasting and Price Efficient Between These? (photo)

What's the best, most natural, long lastin and price efficient between, sculptra, fat grafting & silicone and can you recomend an expert ,trusting... READ MORE

Which Filler is Best for the Preauricular Area?

About 5 weeks ago I completed my third Sculptra treatment, having received 6 vials in all. I am now interested in having my preauricular areas filled.... READ MORE

What type of procedure works best on deep downward creases on corners of mouth? (Photo)

I am 58 and seeking to find a successful treatment for the deep creases at corner of my mouth that make me look like I am frowning all the time. Of... READ MORE

Interested in tear trough correction and nasolabial fold fillers (Photo)

I have deep set eyes with dark depressions, especially in the tear trough areas, as well as deep upper nasolabial folds. Wondering what type of filler... READ MORE

Which Product of Restylane is Best for Tear Troughs?

I want to get Restylane injection for my tear troughs, I enquired 2 hospitals, one recommend me to do Jovederm and one said Restylane. finally I... READ MORE

What kind of filler and how much needed to restore volume in face? (Photo)

In the past two years, I have lost a considerable amount of volume in my face. The left picture is me before losing 10 pounds and the picture on the... READ MORE

Will fillers help improve my under eye? I thought they were black eyes yet color changes when I pull the skin (Photo)

I hate the appearance of my under. I thought maybe I needed some kind of skin treatment. Now I'm thinking fillers would be better. Is there a specific... READ MORE

Perlane or Radiesse Age 45? (photo)

I am 45. I found two doctors one is a plastic Surgeon. Charges 200 dysport per area and 600 for perlane and radiesse. The other dermatologist charges... READ MORE

What is best for tear trough - Restylane or Perlane?

Hello, I am so confused because I know there are many different types of Restylane products on the market, so I am wondering if Restylane Perlane or... READ MORE

I want to know if it a good idea to get filler under cheek bones?

I want to get a filler under my cheek bones and I want to know if its a good idea and what filler is best? I have been thinking about getting sculptra. READ MORE

What kind of filler should I get around my eyes and mouth? How many units of Botox in Jaw? (Photos)

I've noticed lines in my upper cheeks from sleeping, smiling, and volume loss from working out and having children! lol My derm said Volift and voluma... READ MORE

What kind of filler would be most beneficial? (Photo)

I turn 40 in Feb and currently look like 50+. I've had slight lower eye bags since about 19 and the dark circles are hereditary, made worse by chronic... READ MORE

What type of filler I can use under my eyes to add volume? (photos)

I had voluma under my eyes, but after 15 days the effect disappears. What tipe of filler can I use the takes longer to dissappear? Thanks for your time! READ MORE

What type of fillers can treat laugh lines?

Can you treat this type of wrinkle with any filler at all? READ MORE

Cheekbone fillers?

Hi doctors, Can fillers help achieve high cheekbones? If so, which type of fillers would be best. Please explain the pros and cons for each type.... READ MORE

Would Radiesse or Perlaine work better for my case? (photo)

Also, could you recommend a good foctor in MYC to go to? Thank you!! READ MORE

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