Tyndall Effect + Injectable Fillers

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Best Method for Injecting Around the Tear Trough Area?

I know some practitioners inject straight up into the tear trough and then from above down the cheek bone; others use a "cross-hatching"... READ MORE

How Long Does the Tyndall Effect Last?

How long would the Tyndall effect last without the shot to dissolve a hyaluronic acid filler?   READ MORE

Is There a Filler Available in US That Doesn't Cause Tyndall Effect?

I want to get a little filler injected under my eyes to soften the tear trough line, but I am afraid of the "Tyndall Effect." I can see a... READ MORE

When Can the Tyndall Effect Can Be Diagnosed?

I had Juvederm in my nasolabial folds and a bluish tint has been there for longer than a week. I understand this could just be bruising, but how much... READ MORE

Tyndall Effect? (photo)

I had restylane in tear troughs over one month ago. I had severe bruising in left eye. That same eyes is still dark underneath. More purplish than... READ MORE

Tyndall Effect: Make It a Desirable Effect?

I have a blueish tint under eyes due to thin skin and blood vessels. If the 'blue' tyndall effect i caused by the filler being transparent,... READ MORE

Tinted or Opaque Fillers to Avoid Tyndall Effect?

Why aren't injectable fillers tinted or opaque to avoid the potential problem of Tyndall Effect? READ MORE

What's the real cause of tyndall effect?

Is it possible that "tyndall effect" under eyes is caused by something other than superficially placed filler? most docs do not inject superficially... READ MORE

I'm concerned about using hylauronic fillers again. What is your best recommendation for fillers in the cheek area?

Hello, I'm a 37 year old female. I've had juvederm and restalyne in my tear troughs previously, in January of this year, and ended up with the... READ MORE

Is this a bruise or is the filler injected too superficial (tyndall effect)? (photos)

Got a treatment for shallow cheeks with emervel volume last week and noticed a dot on the spot where the filler is injected. It seems to be more... READ MORE

Is this the tyndall effect I am seeing? This is one month post injections (Photo)

Is this the tyndall effect I am seeing? This is one month post injections. Should I get resolved or will this go away on its own? Thank you in advance!! READ MORE

Which filler is the best for undereye treatment?

I want to reduce the risk of inflammation, tyndar effect, lumps and irritability when getting tear trough fillers this month, which filler is the best... READ MORE

Normal or possible Tyndall effect? (photo)

I had my tear through area filled yesterday and woke up this am with some bruising and swelling .On my right eye there is a ring like raised puff .I... READ MORE

Tyndall effect or bruised swelling after injections? (Photos)

I had my tear troughs filled two days ago, and I realize it is VERY early on to offer advice as of yet. I am curious what your thoughts are as to... READ MORE

Could this be Tyndall effect or bruising? (photo)

I had under eye fillers done about a week ago ans i had some swelling and brusing but the brusing doesnt seem to be fading that much. Im not sure if... READ MORE

I Have the Tyndall Effect from an Injection to Nasolabial Area in 2007. Why So Long?

I Have the Tyndall Effect from an Injection to Nasolabial Area in 2007. Why So Long? READ MORE

Seattle Doctor Who Specializes in Correcting Problems with Facial Fillers

I have bluish lines and raised areas after Perlane over a week ago. Don't think it's bruised as I experienced that before and this is different... READ MORE

Tyndall Effect or Bruising? (Photo)

I'm 33 and got NLF filler 3 days ago. After, one area was pinker than the others and almost looked like when someone may exfoliate too hard. Now, 3... READ MORE

Will having tear tough filler dissolved cause under sagging after 8 weeks? (photos)

I had my tear tough filled 8 weeks ago but felt it was underdone. I saw another dr who injected more filler in the areas, however I'm now left with... READ MORE

I had undereye fillers done a week ago, but im not sure if these marks are bruises or caused by the Tyndall effect? (photo)

I feel like if it is a bruise, it isnt healing fast. Im afraid this will be permanent. Please help! I know its only been a week but im not sure if im... READ MORE

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