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I am turning 34 and I would like to know what I should have done to look less tired and more youthful? (Photo)

I dislike the look around my mouth. It looks hard and turns down. My lines around my nose to my mouth are SO pronounced. Also under my eyes look... READ MORE

I'm 33. Can you help me choose the right procedures that would help me look refreshed and not so tired? (Photo)

I'm 33 and have been noticing that I have that "tired" look in my face. I feel like im getting the onset of the dreaded jowels, and no matter how much... READ MORE

What is the best filler for volume loss due to exercise/age and where to place it? (photos)

I've been exercising my whole life but now at 36 I can see the toll my lean physique is taking on my face. I just feel like I always look tired, my... READ MORE

What filler do I need and or cosmetic surgery done on my face? (photos)

Hello docs! Ok so my face looks tired and it just looks different from lays years photos. By looking at my up lose snap shots what would you recommend... READ MORE

How to get rid of puffy/morning face?

In the morning when I go to school, my face is always puffy. It makes me look super tired. My face is puffy for about 4 hours, and It usually goes... READ MORE

What kind of dermal fillers would be appropriate for my case? (photos)

I am a 29 year old female. I have lost weight and with that, I've noticed a more tired look that I have to constantly cover up with makeup. I feel... READ MORE

My face has really began to sag and just look tired. What will be best for my sagging jowls and under eyes? (Photo)

I really hate my jowls I feel like they are pulling my whole face down. I purchased a botox packages thinking I need my Masseter muscles injected but... READ MORE

Will filler help for hollow under my eyes?

Hi I am a 22 year old female and I have been noticing that the area under my eyes has been getting progressively hollow (my cheeks however are still... READ MORE

What will help the loss of volume in my face/under eyes? (photos)

I'm 29 and noticed that I've looked tired a lot recently. My under eye area looks gaunt and I now have an asymmetrical mid face, which I think was... READ MORE

Any suggestions for resting face/ frown problem? (photos)

I've had this frown for all my life. What seems to be causing the problem here and how would it be fixed? Is it the lips or the muscles around it, or... READ MORE

I am looking for the best possible solution for tired looking appearance? (Photo)

Which procesures have the least risks of bruising? Are there other solutions available? I've heard of combinations of boletero and restylane or... READ MORE

Are these considered "nasolabial folds" and what can I do to treat them? (photos)

I have these dents around my nose that make me look sad and tired and old. I'm only 22. They aren't necessarily wrinkles, just deep folds. Would... READ MORE

Is it possible to get a bigger (more stretched, kind of) mouth by using jaw fillers? (photos)

So, I've lost some weight but it doesn't show in my face other than it looking a bit more tired. My mouth is a little down at the sides and smaller... READ MORE

Wondering if I am a good candidate for under eye fillers? If so/not..what would you suggest? (photos)

I have been thinking a lot about fillers I am just so afraid because it is my face and also how it will look long term.. If I decide one day I no... READ MORE

Could I Go Blind from my Tear Trough Injection? Eyes Feel Heavy Slighty Etc

Hello, I'm young and in my twenties. I've long had puffy under eye circles as it runs in my family. after consulting with three surgeons about it they... READ MORE

What treatment is needed for my face? (Photo)

Well i am twenty i dont feel old but i look old and tired READ MORE

How to reverse this tired look? (Photo)

The right side of my face looks tired and is sagging a bit. What can I do to reverse this? READ MORE

I'm 79 and had 2 Face lifts, is it possible to make my face looking better now?

I'ts been about 14 years since my last face lift and i look very tire. what can i do to get my old face looking better? READ MORE

What are the best options for hollow under eyes for a 23 year old female? (photos)

Tired of looking tired. I asked my skin care clinic about fillers, but they said to wait til my 30's - they state after the injections dissolve, the... READ MORE

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