Timing + Injectable Fillers

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Am I Too Young for Fillers?

I am 32 years old and I am thinking of getting fillers for my marionette lines and around the corners of my mouth. Should I wait a couple more years... READ MORE

EnerJet after filler treatment. Which is better to do first?

Hi, Is it better to fisrt treat with EnerJet (for new collagen syntheis and thickening of the skin) and then do HA filler treatment of should I do it... READ MORE

How Much Filler Can You Have Injected in One Sitting?

I heard of the chances of "skin necrosis" and to minimize this you would inject little bits in a series of sessions. Is this what most... READ MORE

After Tear Trough Dermal Filling, Can I Still Do Radio Frequency for Face Lifting?

I just had my tear trough dermal filling, can I do radio frequency for face lifting after 2 weeks for 10 session? Per session will have an... READ MORE

Procedures After Chemo? Before Breast Reconstruction Surgery? After Breast Surgery?

I just completed 6 months of chemo for breast cancer. I'm fifty & was considering a neck lift before, but since chemo, my lower face looks as... READ MORE

Can You Have Permanent Makeup for Lips and then Have Injections?

Hi there, I am considering possibly having permanent makeup done on my lips since they are pale and I think having a natural but richer color would... READ MORE

Should I Get Lip Fillers Before Fraxel? Does It Matter?

I would like to have filler in my upper lip. (I have had it before and I love the look of no lipstick lines) I am scheduled to have the first of three... READ MORE

Dancing after injectable fillers and botox?

Can I dance salsa (with many many spins and turns!) after injectible fillers and botox? Or how soon can I do that? I dance intensely for hiurs and am... READ MORE

Had Septorhinoplasty, How Long Must I Wait Before Having Fillers in my Lip Lines?

I had septorhinoplasty 3 weeks ago, how long must I wait before having botok and fillers on the other areas of my face READ MORE

Length of time for bruising to heal?

I am maid of honour at my best friends wedding 20th June,is it too late to have fillers one week before?and how long does bruising take to fade enough... READ MORE

Follow-up: Longest lasting chin filler?

I want a longer chin yet smaller in width, a more v-shaped chin. Which brand is most long lasting? I see f.ex that there's different kinds of filler... READ MORE

Dermal Fillers 4 Months Ago: Why Does my Face Look Swollen Every Now and Then?

I had dermal fillers about 4 months ago. But why does my face look swollen every now and then? One day it's not that swollen and in the next day... READ MORE

Can Chemical Peels and Needling Be Used with Dermal Fillers?

I had juvederm put into my tear troughs and chin. Can I still get chemical peels (15% TCA to be precise) if so how long should I wait? And can I use a... READ MORE

Does EMatrix Treatment Takes off the Existing Filler in the Face?

Would you recommend waiting on filler while in the process of performing few eMatrix treatments? Some one told me that the fillers may go away with... READ MORE

When to Have Perlane or Restylane After Scar Subcision?

I just had subcision done last week and want to supplement it with a filler such as perlane or restylane for my scars. How soon after subcision can I... READ MORE

How Soon After Having Filler in the Naso Labial Folds Can I Have A Treatment at the Dentist

Can i go to the dentist for treatment after having fillers on the naso labial folds READ MORE

Philtrum / Medusa piercing before or after getting lip fillers?

Hello, I'm planning on getting lip fillers very soon. However I also want to get my philtrum pierced (top center of lip in cupid's bow dimple). I read... READ MORE

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