Temporary + Injectable Fillers

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How long after I had a lip filler can I kiss/make out with someone? Will it affect the filler and move it elsewhere?

I had mine a couple of days ago on just my upper lip. It is a temporary filler. Hydraulic acid I think. READ MORE

I'm wanting to enlarge my scrotum permanently. With Medical grade Silicone Balls 4mm. To attain the size of a small grapefruit.

You are probably asking why..... Have wanted enlarged scrotum since I was about 14-15. have tried ball pumping very often still do. I'm 25 now still... READ MORE

Fillers to Make my Face More Proportionate to a Swollen Nose After Rhinoplasty?

My nose is swollen from recent rhinoplasty. I'm searching for a procedure that helps distract from my nose till it goes down fully.(I'm 26 with a... READ MORE

I have had artecoll injections. Can i now get juvederm or is there a chance of infection?

I had artecoll injections that turned out terrible . I now want to go see a different doctor to get a non permanent dermal filler to correct the mess... READ MORE

How much does it cost to get my upper eyelids filled with temporary filler?

Unfortunately I have very deep eyes sockets and it's something I am very uncomfortable with I would like to get changed but I am hesitant to do... READ MORE

What are the different types of temporary lip fillers ? And how much do each cost on average? What comes after the procedure ?

I'm wondering about getting lip injections. I'm not planning on going real big, just a little more plump. I want to know what comes after the... READ MORE

Temporary fillers for a woman's lateral chin cleft (not muscle dimpling)?

Even though we already know temporary fillers can be used in the chin successfully, has any doctor actually used it on one of their real patients... READ MORE

Can this be filled in with a temporary filler and what percentage do you think it will look better? (Photo)

I took accutane for 6 months and was so happy with the results after that I freaked out about a little spider angioma under my eye. I repeatedly used... READ MORE

Which Fillers Are Best for Correcting Cheek Distortion?

Years ago I got into an accident which made me lose a bit of my left zygomatic arch. Is there a filler that's firm enough to simulate cheek bone,... READ MORE

Temporary fillers , swelling and pain after a year ? What could this be?

I had filler injection year ago around my mouth, last for one - two years I 've been told ,everything was okay until this morning, it was puffed and a... READ MORE

Combining Temporary filler with permanent filler?

I have read online about emulsifying silikon 1000 and HA hylauronic acid filler (juvederm) together with lur loc connector to get a semi permanent... READ MORE

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