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Amount of Dermal Filler in a Syringe?

What is the physical size of Juvederm, Restylane, and Radiesse syringes? Also, how much actual HA can each syringe contain as opposed to anesthetic or... READ MORE

Does One Syringe of Filler Cover Both Sides of the Face?

How many syringes typically needed per patient or rather, does one injection fill both frown lines around the mouth? I'm 46 and aside from the deep... READ MORE

What filler and how many syringes/ml do you recommend for my tear trough area and lines on the side of my mouth? (photos)

I would like to get rid of my dark circles and bags and get an overall smoother and plumper finish under my eyes. I would also like the lines on the... READ MORE

Will injectable fillers correct hollow area at submalar due to bone loss or do I need submalar implant? (Photo)

My wisdom teeth caused bone loss in my right side jaw. Over time, this has caused a hollow sunken area at the back of my jaw below my cheek bone. The... READ MORE

When having filler injected to the cheeks and under eye area, is a cannula syringe a better option?

I moved back from Chicago a year ago and was traveling back each time I needed filler injections. I am looking for a local office who specializes in... READ MORE

What is the best filler for nasolabial folds and how many syringes would it take to reduce the size of mine? (Photo)

I have used Radiesse in the past for lines around the corners of my smile and have been very happy with the results. Recently however, I have noticed... READ MORE

Are these considered "nasolabial folds" and what can I do to treat them? (photos)

I have these dents around my nose that make me look sad and tired and old. I'm only 22. They aren't necessarily wrinkles, just deep folds. Would... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for nasolabial fold? (marionette lines) and how many syringes am I going to need? (photo)

I have gone through a tough acne (which i still occasionally have), and lost volume in my lower cheeks, i feel like my face dropped on one side more... READ MORE

I'm interested in getting a filler that will help with nasolabial folds and a lip enhancement. Any suggestion? (photo)

In my early 20sand and notice those lines especially with make up on. I know In order for you to give the best recommendation it would be best to meet... READ MORE

Can restylene and perlane disappear within 3 days? I had a syringe of each in my face last year.

I had one syringe of restylene in both cheeks-and one syringe of perlane in nasolabial folds and within 3 days, it had completely gone. Very disappointed. READ MORE

Best fillers for temples?

I am thinking of having fillers injested ted to my temples and was wondering which filler would be best. I want somethng that wil not cause a lump or... READ MORE

Was my nasolabial filler placed correctly? (Photo)

Two months ago I had filler placed in my nasolabial folds (1/2 syringe per side). After two weeks it seemed the filler was more on the edge of the... READ MORE

Can unused filler be saved?

Can filler that remains in the syringe be stored and re-used later? And if so for how long can they be saved? Does their consistency change in anyway... READ MORE

Will the price of DERMAL FILLER ever go down?? (photos)

At about $500 or more per syringe, it's very pricey to maintain.........thank you....... READ MORE

How many syringes of filler do I need for temples? (photos)

I think I might want to fill in my temples but I'd like an estimate of how many fingers I would need to do this. Also what kind of filler would work... READ MORE

Can I inject Hyaluronic acid if their are tiny bubbles in the syringe, during that won't go away?

Can I inject a 2mil syringe of Hyaluronic acid if their are a couple tiny air bubbles in the syringe that won't go away? READ MORE

How many syringes of filler do you think I will need for under eye hollows?

I know I have deep sunken eyes and need a filler for my under eye hollow. How many syringes of filler do you think it will take for correction? Any... READ MORE

Facial fillers: How much is too much filler?

After fat loss i had a lot of filler put in , but i need to top up every 2/3 months with half syringe as it keep dissolving , i have it in my cheeks,... READ MORE

I injected Hyaluronic acid serum alone. Any suggestions?

II injected Hyaluronic acid serum alone and I seen no result.I injected-the real hydro deep full 1mil syringe. I injected 3 and saw a result right... READ MORE

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