Swollen + Injectable Fillers

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Why Am I Still Very Swollen and Bruised 32 Hours Post-Op?

I Had Ellanse Filler in my Cheeks and Cheekbone Area About 32 Hours Ago and It is Still Very Swollen and Bruised. I had Ellanse injections yesterday... READ MORE

Lumps above lip line present 8mths following hyaluronic acid injection. Would it be possible to dissolve it? (Photo)

I had a hyaluronic acid injection 8mths and the following day my left upper lip was very swollen (not like normal swollen). My doc tried to vigorous... READ MORE

2 days post op, I got aqua filler injected into my chin and it is still swollen. Is this normal? (photos)

I got pmma or aqua filler injected into my chin area, it has been 2 days since the injection and my chin area is still swollen is this... READ MORE

Swollen, lumpy, & painful on the cheek after 10 months of dermal filler, mini face lift & golden threads. Is this normal?(photo)

I still suffer from lumps on my cheeks especially the right one after 10 months of dermal filler, mini face lift and golden threads, It is tender and... READ MORE

4 Days Post Dermal Filler and Still Distinct Swelling in Smile Lines and Acne Scars- Done by Board Certified Doctor?

I'm only 22 but had developed a fine smile line and some creases when I smiled - I got these filled 4 days ago and I'm absolutely freaking out now. I... READ MORE

1 ml of Emervel Fillers in my lips & nasolabial folds made my jaw swollen. Any suggestions?

I had fillers put into my lips & nasolabial folds 3 days ago, after I left the clinic I noticed my jaw line was really swollen, I thought it would get... READ MORE

Will my lips stay like this or are they just swollen ? (photos)

Hello doctor. I was wondering if you my lips will come down some or if they will stay like that until 5 months. I feel as though they are really big.... READ MORE

Lumpy and very swollen on day 3 - is this normal? (Photo)

I recently had my lips filled with revanesse (Canadian product). I asked for a really settle natural look. I'm on day 3 and they still look very big... READ MORE

Filler in the inner corner of the eye? (photos)

I have a ridge in the immer Cornea of my eye. When I was swollen it went away and I like the look of it so much, it makes it also less dark in the... READ MORE

Tear trough is still blue and swollen after 4 weeks. Has my plastic surgery has given me too much filler? (Photo)

4 weeks ago I had Revanesse Kiss (a filler) injected into my tear troughs by a plastic surgeon. But after 4 weeks, it looks like they have shot too... READ MORE

Can a filler injected into the nose that is supposed to last 8-12 months get absorbed in just a few weeks?

A month ago my surgeon injected a filler to even out the irregularities on my nose (after two rhinoplasties). I don't want another rhinoplasty but I... READ MORE

I had emervel then resolved. Have two blue, purple and some reddish eyelid and circles. Any suggestions? (photos)

Had emervel injected under eyes januar this year. I swelled up and my eyes turned blue. Had it resolved over 2 times whit hyalyse In februar. Left... READ MORE

What is the best filler for lips? Last time I had my lips filled, they were swollen for two days. Is this an allergic reaction?

I want a natural result, not a stuck in the pool drain look. I want to keep the lips I have before they disappear with age. Also, the last time I had... READ MORE

2 mths after HA fillers in my cheeks, I'm very puffy/lumpy. I think this is water retention secondary to HA filler. Help.(photo)

I have tried every type of HA filler even Voluma. It's 2 months post Restalyn injections in my cheeks and every morning my tear trough area is... READ MORE

I really need help. I have a filler/resolved disaster (Photo)

Had emervel 0.5 ml on each eye. My eyes turned blue and i swollen up. A month later i have it resolved. Now i have blue saggy eyelids, some of my own... READ MORE

Will my drooping eyebrow and puffy upper eyelids plus my incredibly angry look wear off after azzalure injections?

I got azzalure injections from a dentist in Northern Ireland on 11th July. According to this dentist I received 12 units in my forehead and 42 in my... READ MORE

I had collagen injection on my hands in 2006 to remove wrinkles & my hands is swollen. Is there any treatments available?(photo)

I had a collagen injection on my hands back in 2006 due to wrinkles in some clinic setting back in my country Philippines. Since then my hands appear... READ MORE

I Injected a Topical Hyaluronic Acid into My bottom Lip, Which is Now Swollen and Uneven?

I also put a bit under my marionette lines. I'm scared of what's going to happen. I don't have insurance or money to go see a doctor. How much danger... READ MORE

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