Swelling + Injectable Fillers

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Filler Injections - Is Swelling and Bruising Here to Stay?

Four days ago, I had filler for under eye hollows, the doctor hit a blood vessel, my eye swollen and bruised. He put my on antibiotics, The bruising... READ MORE

Bad Reaction to Filler

I got my upper lip injected with fillers on wednesday my upper lip on the left went really big and swelled a lot.so i went to the doctor that injected... READ MORE

Complications after hyaluronic acid injections? (photos)

I initially experienced bruising, there's a portion of the left side of nose that is numb. Yesterday my nose also got abscess I'm on antibiotic (Ospen... READ MORE

Long-term Facial Swelling After Novielle Injections

I had Novielle injections into my cheeks and nasolabial folds a month ago. I experienced severe swelling and bruising that lasted a week. My eyelids... READ MORE

What is a Normal Time Frame for Pillows to Resolve After Juvederm/radiesse Injections Under Eyes?

I'm 1 week post juvederm and radiesse injections under eyes by a plastic surgeon. I had excessive bruising and had V beam laser 1 and 2 days after... READ MORE

Best Facial Filler for Those Prone to Swelling?

What facial filler is best for patients who swell more than normal? I've had Restylane injections and I couldn't appear in public for over a week! READ MORE

Remove Voluma from Cheek After 10 Months?

Can i remover voluma from my cheek after and reverse the effects with Hyaluronidase. From Day 1, one cheek reacted with intermittent swelling to the... READ MORE

Is Aqualift a permanent filler? i had it injected in my face and got swelling and pus 3 years later, and its never going away.

I have been told so many causes that ,ade this happen, im lost, some said it was injected in a large vessel, if it were the case, shouldnt it happen... READ MORE

Will Getting Restylane + Dysport at the Same Time Increase Bruise/swelling?

I am considering getting Restylane + Dysport done underneath my eyes (for hollows). Will this combination increase swelling/bruising? READ MORE

I hate my malar creases! Can I have filler to correct this problem? (Photo)

I really saw the malar creases in a recent photo I took. When I smile is when it really shows...and it depends on the light. I recently (2 months ago)... READ MORE

Do I have an infection caused by filler in my face?

Hi, i had 10ml of hyaluronic acid injected into my cheeks 6 months ago and i keep getting reocurrent swelling on my face for 3 months now i.e the... READ MORE

Will the Bump from the Injectable Filler I Had Done Yesterday in my Forehead Reduce?

I had a filler injected into a deep crease in the centre of my forehead yesterday. I now have a rather worrying bump there instead. Will this bump... READ MORE

Fillers Under Eyes for Volume, Eyes Burn, Face Swollen, What Can I Do?

I had fillers under the eyes to add volume to my face. My face is super swollen and my eyes burn and are dry. This was done two days ago. How long... READ MORE

Is Xela Filler safe and long lasting?

I have been injected with Xela filler around the mouth area which has made me look like a monkey but this is still swelling as only had done today.... READ MORE

Uneven lips after filler? Clear lumpy pockets. What should I do? (Photo)

I had my lips injected for the first time exactly one week ago. I immediately expressed my concern at the lumps that were apparent on the inside of my... READ MORE

Swelling Risk After Novielle?

My doctor is recommending Novielle for my marionette lines, after a vial of Radiesse produced little results. After reading the other comments about... READ MORE

Severe Swelling and Pain 2 Days After Cheek Fillers - Normal?

I am two days in from fillers to the cheek bone area. I have severe swelling, i dont recognise myself, my face is so swollen and now my eyes are... READ MORE

Juveni Confort Dermal Filler - Lots of Swelling

I had Juveni Confort (Perlane equivalent?) in 2 sessions, 2 weeks afer Fractional CO2 laser. #1 was Nasolabial, marionette lines, tear troughs &... READ MORE

Dermal Fillers 4 Months Ago: Why Does my Face Look Swollen Every Now and Then?

I had dermal fillers about 4 months ago. But why does my face look swollen every now and then? One day it's not that swollen and in the next day... READ MORE

How long can I expect my extreme swelling under the eyes to last after PRP Injections? (photo)

I just had PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections to the tear trough area a few hours ago. I was told to expect swelling for 3 days however I look like... READ MORE

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