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Fillers to Make my Face More Proportionate to a Swollen Nose After Rhinoplasty?

My nose is swollen from recent rhinoplasty. I'm searching for a procedure that helps distract from my nose till it goes down fully.(I'm 26 with a... READ MORE

Is the amalian 11 expert product considered as a hyaluronic acid? Can it be removed by hyalurondaise or should I go for surgery?

I've been injected by a product named natural face contour 3 years ago! And i've been told that its is the same as the new amalian 11 expert product... READ MORE

I'm trying to determine whether to have under eye fillers injected or have the bags removed. Any suggestions? (photo)

Filler or fat pad removal surgery? I'm in the middle of consultations but would appreciate additional advice/guidance. READ MORE

Do I need surgery to fix damage from a botch tear trough filler? I've tried 8 months of Roc and Olay. No improvement. (photos)

I had tear traugh filler done in July of last year. The doctor an anesthesiologist who also does injectable fillers. He confidently told me he could... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for chin fillers? (photos)

I currently have braces and my orthodontist told me I might be a good candidate for genioplasty. However, I am uncomfortable with the surgery, and... READ MORE

Fillers or surgery for cleft chin? (Photo)

What is my best option to fix my cleft chin? Any advice is much appreciated. READ MORE

Would I be better off getting surgery or fillers based on my puffy upper eye lids and eye bags? Would like other profes opinions

Per my response feedback from dr on here, my specific concern is the puffynes in my eyelids and the side view where it looks like it hangs over for my... READ MORE

Under eyes looking sunken in at 36/yo do I need surgery or will injections work? (Photo)

I am 36 and have such sunken in under eyes! What do I need to do, under eye surgery? Injectibles? What's cost approx? READ MORE

Lip filler or surgery?

Should I get my lips symmetrical with lip fillers or just get a minor surgery to take off this lump? I would like for my lips To be even, more plumped... READ MORE

Nasolabial folds and mouth "wrinkles" at very young age - what are my options? (photos)

Hi, i'm 19 years old and very self-conscious about my nose and mouth lines. They make me look always tired and much older. I really want to get rid of... READ MORE

My forehead creases like I've been in a knife fight when I smile, what can be done?

Only when I smile or frown ... I look like I'm in my late teens instead of in my 30's if I get winkles gone and strict diet myself XD Is there a cream... READ MORE

Is it possible to have fillers in eye area after upper/lower bleph?

I recently had an upper and lower bleph with fat transfer to the lower lids. I am now definitely in need of more volume on both the upper brow and... READ MORE

Fillers or blepharoplasty? (Photo)

I feel as though the bags under my eyes are ruining my face. I want to get rid of them but I'm unsure if fillers or fat transfer will work because I'd... READ MORE

Vascular occlusion on the nose after filler injection. This is 11 day after. (photos)

I use aspirin and hyperbaric oxygen, dr didn't want to put hyaluronidase under 48 h, despite I wanted that! My skin was damaged before this happened... READ MORE

Can I remove the permanent filler in my cheek by surgery without any complication? (photo)

I have injected a permanent filler in my cheek 4 years ago without knowing that is a permanent filler Now am suffering from inflamation and some... READ MORE

Curious as to the best way to fix my chin - overbite. (photos)

I have an overbite and a deep mental crease, with a large projection on my chin. I have heard fillers and surgery as options to fix this issue. Im... READ MORE

Is there any surgery or cosmetic procedure that can make my cheekbones sunken in like male models? (Photos)

I'm a man with a regular face with not so prominent cheekbones. Is there any surgery or fillers procedure I can get to make my cheekbones really... READ MORE

Who is the best plastic surgeon in Tennessee?

I am looking for recommendations for plastic surgeons in Tennessee that offer both surgical and non-surgical (injectable) procedures. READ MORE

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