Sunken Eyes + Injectable Fillers

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Treatment for Sunken Areas Around Eyes and Nose?

I have sunken eyes, especially on the inset of my nose. I have had my "tear troughs" filled with Restylane, but I still get asked if I have a black... READ MORE

Dermal fillers for men. Are there any special considerations to keep in mind?

I'm a mid-30's man, considering dermal fillers for facial volume loss -- most likely caused by a fairly intense exercise regimen. My biggest issues... READ MORE

Will fillers age skin over time?If I get fillers for cosmetic effect, but am not yet aging, will it actually age my skin?(photo)

Hi there, I'm a 26 year old female with good skin, but I am considering getting restylane or juvederm injected in my tear troughs to treat a... READ MORE

How Many Vials of Dermal Filler Do You Do Typically, to Enhance Hollow Cheeks?

I am skinny and have very hollow sunken cheeks. How many vials of hyraulonic acid fillers will it take per cheek, to fill out the hollows and then... READ MORE

How to Pull Up, Plump Out, or Fill in "Sunken-in" Corners of Mouth.

I've had 2 people put filler in my naturally VERY thin lips and i got the same result from both of them - The corners and sides of my mouth remain... READ MORE

Fillers for Sunken Cheek After Injury?

I sustained a sport injury to my cheek, causing it to be depressed and the skins sags. Can the dent be pulled out like a car, or be filled? READ MORE

Will Skin Fillers Fix my Sunken Glabella?

The bone between my eyes sunken like a dent and it makes me "prehistoric", How could I correct this? READ MORE

Sunken Frown Wrinkles

I have some frown wrinkles and sunken areaas between the eyebrows. I was told botox would help on the area but i’d like to know if it is... READ MORE

Fillers Not Suitable on Thin Skin?

A comestic surgeon described my skin as "thin" and therefore unsuitable for treatment with fillers. Do you agree that thin skin cannot be... READ MORE

Will cheek fillers help make my face appear shorter/cuter? (photos)

Hello! I am considering getting cheek fillers in the future, along with (possibly) other procedures to make my face shorter and "cuter". My face is... READ MORE

What is happening to my eyes after Azzalure? (Photo)

I have had 75 units (my injector said ) of Azzalure in my glabella and frontalis 5 months ago, I can feel Azzalure start wearing off, what is... READ MORE

HA Fillers Destroyed my Skin? Need a Better Option.

Im 31 and have been using HA fillers since the age of 25 in the cheek chin nabalabial folds and submalar V area. (10-15mls) Every month something... READ MORE

I am turning 34 and I would like to know what I should have done to look less tired and more youthful? (Photo)

I dislike the look around my mouth. It looks hard and turns down. My lines around my nose to my mouth are SO pronounced. Also under my eyes look... READ MORE

What Can Be Done on Rings Around Eyes and Sunken Lids?

I have rings around my lower eyelids that formed over the last 15 years. I think my lower lids have started to sink into my larger cheeks. Also, the... READ MORE

Would Fillers in Only One Cheek Appear Uneven?

I have a fine line on my right cheek, it's more apparent in over head lighting. I'm completely happy with the left cheek. Is it possible to... READ MORE

I Want my Face More Even and I Have a Slight Lazy We What Can I Do Would Fillers Work? (photo)

Hi j have sunken eyes and a lazy eye what would be best to make my face symmetrical Thanks READ MORE

I Have a Very Protruding Boney Upper Chest. What Do U Recommend to Fill/plump Hollows? (photo)

This is a genetic tendency on mother's side. I also am smaller busted, so this does't help (push up bra's). I'm 54, 5'5",... READ MORE

Dermal Filler Orbital Volume Restoration for Bilateral Enopthalmos

I developed a bilateral Enopthalmos not long after a traumatic nasal fracture. Both eyes sunk back into the socket and became deep... READ MORE

Under Eye Deep Set Eyes and Volume Loss Under Eye, What are My Options?

I have fatty tisue loss under eye that cause darkness an indentation an makes me look old im 21 yrs old an i recently had restylane injection i just... READ MORE

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