Sunken + Injectable Fillers

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What would be the best fillers/treatments for me to achieve a more youthful look without having surgery on my face? (Photo)

About 9 months ago I had laser resurfacing and it worked wonders for my skin. And I started Botox in my forehead and crows feet. However, my biggest... READ MORE

What is the deepening by my nose? And how can I get rid of them? (photos)

I have deep lines that formed just recently by my nostrils going down each side of my face. It's almost sunken in looking. Please help! I hate the... READ MORE

What is the best way to reduce the look of wrinkles from years of smoking? I have lip lines, crows feet, etc (Photo)

I would like to reduce the wrinkles (shallow) on my lower cheeks from smoking. Lines around my mouth, eyes/crowsfeet, forehead, between eyes. I have... READ MORE

Is Filler the Best Option for This Line Under my Right Eye? (photo)

Hello, I have a sunken looking line under my right eye which I would love to get rid of! I have tried filler once and it helped slightly but not... READ MORE

How much filling is one syringe able to do?

If I have one syringe, will that be enough to treat both sides of my face for sunken cheeks? READ MORE

What filler would you recommend for volume loss?

My face has sunken from tmj issues I've used jive deem before but never anything else . Are these other fillers safe such as sculptura radiesse or... READ MORE

What can be used to fill temple area?

Temples are sunken and skin seems really thin. Is there a filler that works well for this area? READ MORE

I'm male, over and looking for the best & safest fillers for sunken cheeks and laugh lines. What are my options?

There are a few and of course each claim to be the best... I have read that some have less chance of side effects. Some last longer...etc I prefer one... READ MORE

Tear trough treatment at 25? (Photo)

Hi, I've always had a weird undereye situation that I could never quite fix with makeup (circles, bags AND sunken in) and I recently discovered tear... READ MORE

Slightly Thinning Face: Already Start with Fillers?

I'm 37. I always had a thin face (on a thin body frame). I dread the sunken in face my mother has. And now I notice a slight thinning in my face. It's... READ MORE

Fillers for asymmetrical face? (photos)

My left side of my face is much more defined and attractive compared to the right side. My right cheek is flatter than my left cussing a sunken look... READ MORE

What is the best filler for a thin face with sunken cheeks, hollows under my cheeks and the beginning of jowls?

I have high cheek bones so I do not want to put filler above my cheek bones. What filler would be best and where should it be placed? READ MORE

Can I get cheek fillers if one side of my face is skinner or more sunken in than the other side?

One side of my face is more sunken in than the other side. It makes my face look crooked. Will cheek fillers help with that and make my face look more... READ MORE

What Is the Best Permanent Filler for Correcting Skin Depressed Acne Scars and Sunken Eye and Cheek?

My face skin is affected by acne depressed scars which has not been responded well to routine dermatological treatments such as TCA peel, fractional... READ MORE

Advice On Fillers For Sunken Face + Rhinoplasty?

I am contemplating doing fat transfer vs fillers for my sunken face - I have been told many times by colleagues I look tired, black eye circles &... READ MORE

Is intra-oral use of long-term dermal filler silikon 1000 or dental prosthesis possible to push cheek away from teeth? (Photo)

The contour irregularity in my right nasolabial area followed some minor trauma 2 yrs ago, where tension in this area caused a muscle separation. I'm... READ MORE

I'm a man interested in fillers. I would like to fill the left side of my face for a even look. How much would it cost?

On the left side my face sinks in on the left side of my face, there is a curvature, I would like to fill in. What's the procedure and how much? READ MORE

Best filler for mild sunken upper cheek/under eye area in 27-year-old? (photos)

Hey there. Due to tooth-extraction dental work, I find that my once youthful/very round undereye/cheek area has fast become flat/sunken. This is not a... READ MORE

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