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Will filler in temples (eg. voluma) improve eye sagging and will it stretch out and make forehead pores seem smaller? (photo)

Hi I have had voluma in cheeks and very happy with the effect. I have noticed my forehead is my most aged part (i.e. texture: visible pores and thin... READ MORE

Does the Injected Product Stretch out the Skin?

If I have the injections and then stop, will the skin have been stretched out? Will the skin then sag and wrinkle more if I don't continue the... READ MORE

Will my lips and the area above my top lip eventually go back to normal, or will the skin be stretched and be saggy? (Photo)

My lips have been over filled with HA filler and I have a ledge like appearance above my lip. With massage the appearance has became slightly better.... READ MORE

Tear Through injections?

After years of tear through injections injected under the muscle, would there be any harm done to the muscle itself? For example if one was to have... READ MORE

Why are my lip edges so blurred after lip fillers? Will it ever return to its sharp edge? (Photo) a

I've gotten lip fillers 4x over the past 1.5 years. I noticed after the 2nd time that the lip edge, where white meets pink skin, is super blurred and... READ MORE

Do dermal fillers stretch out the skin?

Hi doctors -- I'm considering dermal fillers, but I'm wondering whether they would stretch out my skin, causing it to look wrinkled/baggy when the... READ MORE

How true is it, that the longer fillers remain in the face the more they stretch your skin long-term?

One surgeon told me this. He also said with longer-term fillers (like sculptra/radiesse/) the tissue will continue to swell (especially if over... READ MORE

Tear trough fillers 6 weeks ago - stretched eye. (photo)

Hi I had tear trough fillers 6 weeks ago after she done it one eye looked over stretched and as time went on it looked flat now it just looks... READ MORE

Are there long term effects from fillers?

I am wondering if repeated use of fillers , such as Voluma and sculptra, can make your skin stretch out so that when it wears off , you look worse. I... READ MORE

Can volume replacement, ie fat or filler, actually stretch the skin so it pulls tighter?

Or does it just look puffier? I have a very thin, but deflated "runners" face. Thank you. READ MORE

Tear trough fillers. My skin looks stretched and flat. Will this ever go back to normal?

Hi I had tear trough fillers, and after few weeks they started to look flat. I had most of it since removed now my skin looks stretched and flat will... READ MORE

What would be the most effective procedure to return my reconstructed lobes to relative symmetry? (Photos)

I underwent lobe reconstruction about a year ago to repair stretched (gauged) ears. While the results were an improvement, the lobes are still not... READ MORE

Injectable Fillers - Can They Stretch the Skin Permanently?

I would like to know what the long-term effects of fillers are. For example, if I were to have filler added to my nose, once the filler dissolved... READ MORE

Filler for mole removal scars on face? (photos)

10 years ago I had two large moles removed on my face. The incisions looked good for a long time and were flat but with age the scars have started to... READ MORE

Filler or last treatment to face following weight loss? (Photo)

I have lost about 93lbs over a year ago but it has effected my face, I see stretched skin on my face particularly my cheeks which have flattened. I... READ MORE

Why do doctors say hyaluronic acid fillers do not stretch the skin yet edema does?

I've seen a couple of questions answered by doctors which confuse me. Doctors say edema can definitely stretch the skin but fillers definitely won't.... READ MORE

Can fillers eventually stretch the skin?

With over 60 skin, do fillers stretch the skin over time. It seems like the ladies on tv look strange after a while as if their eyes are small and... READ MORE

My lip bow is stretched out. What are my options?

I tried filler and it's not cutting it. It streched out 2 mm. Any hope for this? Tattoo? Stitch that won't look obvious? Thank you. READ MORE

When is it too late. To remover facial fillers if you don't like the result?

Has my skin been stretched or will it look like it. Did before the injections. My skin is supple with Elasticity still remains. So I'm hoping it... READ MORE

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