Steroid + Injectable Fillers

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Dent from Steroid Injection?

My daughter had a small cyst on her cheek. A plastic surgeon injected it with a steroid. The cyst went away but she has a large dent that seems to be... READ MORE

Fat loss from steroid injection?

Hello! I am receiving steroid injections for a possible granuloma following filler (ie, dexamethasone, then kenalog if that doesn't work). My surgeon... READ MORE

Is this a granuloma (from filler)? Or something else? (photos)

Over the previous 18 months, I've had various filler treatments to the corner of the cheeks to help 'lift' the face. Unfortunately over the past four... READ MORE

fat grafting or filler after permanent filler removal? (Photo)

Had permanent filler removal a mo. ago with facelift (my skin was very tight bc my ps said it would be loose after removal). i developed hematoma on... READ MORE

Would fillers help the corners of my mouth? Also could it cause blindness? (photo)

There is something going on with the corners of my mouth. A dermatologist told me that I have perleche. She gave me a steroid and then told me that... READ MORE

I'm also wondering if the Doctors viewing these pictures can noticeably see what the problems are? (photos)

Bulging fat on either side of mouth when smiling, why do my cheeks not crease naturally along the nasal labia folds and corners of my mouth when I... READ MORE

Is it a good idea to use 5-FU/ Kenalog combo for filler complications when hyaluronidase will not work?

Voluma six months ago, multiple hyaluronidase injections only got me this far. mri shows cysts (but i do not know the nature of the cyst, whether ha... READ MORE

Will my steroid injection dent ever go away?

I just received about 5 weeks ago a steroid injection in my chin due to inflammation from a car accident . I noticed the last 2 weeks I started to get... READ MORE

Will Metrol oral steroids dissolve my fillers?

I had a colonoscopy procedure two days ago.. 5 months after nasal surgery and voluma and Botox. For some reason the nasal prongs for oxygen irritated... READ MORE

Steroid injections into fat pockets on abdomen?

I recently went in for another procedure and I mentioned that I'd had smart lipo two years ago to fix a dimple I have below my belly button which... READ MORE

Removing Filler - will it affect my natural collagen?

In 3/16 I had a steroid injection for a cyst that left a really big dent. went to multiple plastic surgeons who placed filler in the area. Its now... READ MORE

Granuloma from filler hyaluronic acid. Any suggestions?

I developed a granuloma on my cheek september last year 2015 from hylaluronic acid .then the filler was dissolved twice with hyalurondise then started... READ MORE

Is it a granuloma again? Previously had massive granuloma on cheek from filler. (Photos)

Hi drs I had a massive granuloma on cheek from filler ! I had it treated with 3 steroid injections which made it reduce but then got severe ayropy... READ MORE

Granuloma from fat injection. (photo)

I had a fat injection for steroid injection atropy in April now I have developed a lot of swelling and soreness my ps said its normal but from reading... READ MORE

Reversible linear forehead atrophy? (Photo)

I had steroid injection for an acne cyst of the left medial brow 11/7/2015. 2 hours post injection I noted nickel sized region of hypo pigmentation... READ MORE

My face is ruined in bruises & skin marks and severe nerve pain after lip fillers. Can someone help me? (Photo)

Got lip fillers in yeaterday..Had severe pain in nose after like sinus infection pain..When I got home and washed my face i seen the bruising and... READ MORE

Cheeks inflamed still 2 years after filler reaction? (Photos)

In 2015 I had a filler complication to cheeks which resulted in both cheeks inflaming but my right side as pictured worse I had a golf ball size... READ MORE

Can I use a filler to widen forehead? (Photos)

I used to have a diamond shaped face. I then did a few anabolic steroid cycles and with some serious eating, I guess I stimulated growth of the... READ MORE

Overfill or still swelling after lip injections? (Photos)

Oct 8 I got lip injections to fix unevenness you can see in my before picture. Oct 24, I had a little more filled in on the left side because the... READ MORE

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