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Will injectable fillers in my nasolabial fold, chin and jawline will help me achieve a better profile and face shape? (photos)

I think my face is very large and wide from my eyes down and my face is quite uneven. I feel as though my individual features have the potential, but... READ MORE

No Improvement to Dynamic Horizontal Eye Wrinkles After 3 Botox Injections - Do I Need Fillers?

Im a 29 year old female that has dynamic horizontal creases under my eyes from where my cheek hits my under eye area and creases. i have had botox... READ MORE

What filler and how many syringes/ml do you recommend for my tear trough area and lines on the side of my mouth? (photos)

I would like to get rid of my dark circles and bags and get an overall smoother and plumper finish under my eyes. I would also like the lines on the... READ MORE

What is the best solution for dents all over the nose?

I have indents just on my nose left due to thermolo treatment that was done to me only on the nose. It looks like I need the collagen back to repair... READ MORE

Can my lines be smoothed out? (Photo)

Since childhood I've had large permanent bags under my eyes no matter what, they're always there. Above my mouth always had lines under my cheeks... READ MORE

Can I enhance my dorsal hump with fillers?

I have a slight dorsal hump but I would like it to be more prominent and I'd also like further tip projection. My family all have very strong roman... READ MORE

Why Don't I Have a Smooth Cheek Contour After Filler?

I'm 42 and have been having filler injections over the past 2 years. I started with the tear duct area and the results were great. From there I... READ MORE

How to Smoothen Skin & Remove Depressions From Cat Scratch

My cat scratched me on my face 6 mnths ago and you see the scar left from the paw how can i smoothen out the depressed areas and make my skin smoothe... READ MORE

Can I get fat fillers to "take away" my eye "bags"? (photos)

I know they are not bags but are actually muscle, but i still do not like them and want them t be as transparent of my face as possible. I know I... READ MORE

Voluminous for cheeks to smooth out under eyes? (photos)

I talked to a Dr today about a lower bleph and she said that even removing the fat pad and tightening the skin that she don't think it's going to give... READ MORE

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