Silicone Injection + Injectable Fillers

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Is Dr. Jay G. Barnett in NYC a red flag doing Liquid Injectable Silicone ?

Dr. Jay G. Barnett in NYC has been using medical grade liquid silicone for over 40 years and and he says the FDA has approved. I'm a HIV patient and i... READ MORE

Removing solid silicone lip implant to get silicone injections? How soon after removal can I get the injections? (photos)

I got a 5mm lip implant in my upper lip. I almost didn't get it because I thought it would look too big or fake. Instead, it didn't really make a... READ MORE

I'd like to get permanent lip injections. Which is better Sillicone or Collagen? (Photo)

I've been getting Restylane injections for 5 years and love it. I'm just tired of going for touchups every year. I've decided to go with a perminant... READ MORE

Bad Sculptra experience. I was recommended to use micro-silicone drops. What's the safety & pros or cons of this therapy?(photo)

A prominent Plastic Surgeon suggested that I do micro-silicone droplets injections. I did it once and was very pleased with the outcome . I'll still... READ MORE

Is there anything that can be done to remove the silicone from my nasolabial folds without leaving unsightly scars?

Years ago my surgeon gave me some silicone injections on my nasolabial folds which caused shadows to appear under the injections. The doctor gave me... READ MORE

Dry lips - could it be caused by the lip injection? Will it go naturally away?

I had silicone injection into my lips, 7 month ago. The Doctor showed me the package so i know its 100 percent medical grade silicone. He injected 0.8... READ MORE

Will kenalog injection reduce the stiffness of my silicone lips? (Photos)

I had 1st grade silicone injected 20 years ago. It was great at first and then got bigger over the years covering my teeths. I had several procedures... READ MORE

Can a silicone elastomer be used as a dermal filler?

If so would it be able to flex along with the flexing of bending skin? If the implanted silicone was around 1/8th inch thick, would it be able to... READ MORE

Blocked tear ducts, 5 yo silicone under eye troughs and terrible bruising. Doctors are befuddled. What can be done? (Photos)

I have terrible bruising, past 4 months only, from silicone injections that were done 4 years ago. I look like I have been punched, along with the... READ MORE

Silicone injections bad?

Am very confused, i know silicone injections are bad, but i see a lot of people here that doctors and dermatologist have done to them on the face,... READ MORE

Red led light on silicone filler?

Can you use at home red led light therapy if you had nose silicone implant and silicone filler READ MORE

Unable to Gain Any Muscle After Silicone Injection?

Hi, i recently made a stupid move without thinking or doing any research. i had silicone injection on my hips... for one time only. i usually work out... READ MORE

Bumps After Filler, Help! What Do I Do Now (photo)?

I had microdroplet silicone filler inject to my cheeks, for my boxscar scars 3days ago (1cc for my cheeks). It was good and smooth on the day itself,... READ MORE

What type of grafts/filler/procedure does it "look like" I need for my nose revision? (Photos)

Primary surgey had bridge work but for some unlucky reason my tip started to collapse inwards after... likely weak cartilage that could not handle... READ MORE

Can bad liquid silicone job be removed and replaced with anything? Including other fat or any possible options (Photos)

I had my lips injected in Mexico around 10 years ago. I was told it would disappear after a few years, but they became lumpy and uneven and... READ MORE

Should i try silicone injection ? Any risks? (photo)

I want a permanent look i have radiasse and i paid 600$ and it lasted only 4 month and it was a lumpy feeling I m doing research about silicone ? READ MORE

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