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Is It Possible to Change Head Shape Thru Fillers?

The back of my head is flat. Are there any injections to enhance the shape of my head, like Juvederm or Restylane that can be injected beneath the... READ MORE

Can I get a V line face shape with fillers?

Can I get a vline face shape with fillers and if so what fillers are used for this type of procedure and how much would it cost thank you so much READ MORE

Is It Possible to Change Eye Shape with Injections? (photo)

I have naturally big almond eyes , but I'd love if the inner corner of my eyes was more open just like the model's eye in the attached photo, I was... READ MORE

Will injectable fillers in my nasolabial fold, chin and jawline will help me achieve a better profile and face shape? (photos)

I think my face is very large and wide from my eyes down and my face is quite uneven. I feel as though my individual features have the potential, but... READ MORE

Can Dermal Fillers Be Used to Make the Forehead More Rounded?

Can a thicker filler like perlane or voluma be used for a flat forehead to make it more rounded? I know that forehead augmentation carries a lot of... READ MORE

Tear Trough Filler Changed the Shape of my Eyes

I had my tear troughs filled in, being Middle Eastern, I had naturally deep set eyes, but now I am puffy on my lower eyelid and my eyes look shallow... READ MORE

Is it possible for me to get a straight square jaw with FILLER based on my face shape? (Photo)

I often found most attractive people have a very straight looking sides of their face before a sharp tapering jaw to their chin. But for my face, it... READ MORE

Change of face shape with fillers? (Photo)

I've attached a photo of my face shape. I would like to know the best way to go about altering the shape to make it look more feminine and soft. Thanks! READ MORE

What is happening to my eyes after Azzalure? (Photo)

I have had 75 units (my injector said ) of Azzalure in my glabella and frontalis 5 months ago, I can feel Azzalure start wearing off, what is... READ MORE

Could I change my face shape? (Photo)

So I have a naturally round face, but I would like more definition in my jaw, cheeks and chin. Could this face shape (pics b) be achieved through... READ MORE

Can fillers change lip shape permanently? (photos)

My lips look less defined since having fillers.I'm only 18 so I'm worried I may lost some of my natural collagen by being injected.I was injected in... READ MORE

How to improve a fat, flat, oval face? (Photo)

When I look in the mirror I'm very unhappy with the way I look. My face and neck are very fat and out of proportion to the rest of my body and my face... READ MORE

Why is my face so deformed, swollen and out of shape? Taken antibiotics for infection from doctors but no change. (photos)

I've had fillers for around seven years with no issues however in the past year or more something has gone wrong! I've not had fillers in my cheek for... READ MORE

Can fillers on sides of nose restore eye shape? (photos)

Ultherapy resulted on a ton of fat loss. The sides of my nose and cheeks are flat flat flat. Temples gone as well. I am suffering eye lid retraction... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for facial contouring with filler? (Photo)

I'm interested in fixing the shape of my face. I have been told that the size of my chin is not proportional. Would I be a good candidate for fillers... READ MORE

Would dermal fillers improve the shape of my face and make it appear shorter? (Photo)

I am interested in getting dermal fillers to improve the shape of my face. I feel that my face is quite long, I would like to make it look shorter. READ MORE

I have fat loss under eyes. What is the best way to correct it? (Photo)

I had some fat removed under my eyes about 10 yrs ago because I felt like they were puffy. It looked fine at the time but now I don't have enough. I... READ MORE

Will Fillers Help Lift Cheeks?

I have full cheeks that have dropped down and inwards in this last year which has changed the shape of my face. Would a filler injected to my cheeks... READ MORE

Since weight loss will change face shape, will filler in my chin look weird or not the same result after I lose weight?

I got a too big chin implant before and then I got a revision to shave it down to make it slimmer.Now I'm mostly satisfied but I was left a little bit... READ MORE

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