Scleral Show + Injectable Fillers

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Can moderate inferior scleral show be temporarily fixed with filler?

I am young, therefore accumulating the money necessary for expensive high risk surgery is daunting. Is it possible to lift the lower eyelid to meet... READ MORE

The white part of my eyes shows a lot. I have scleral show. Can filler injections help my sleral show? Or surgery? (photo)

Hi dear doctors.Im sending my question second time..I am 20 years old.Want really badly fix my scleral show.can u answer me sooner plz.what are my... READ MORE

Stitch on the lateral palpebral commissure to lessen scleral show. Fillers for indented scars? (Photo)

Would like to know if a stitch on rt. eye lateral palpebral commissure will lessen scleral show. Fillers to lift scar. To lessen obvious signs of... READ MORE

Is it possible to correct scleral show with filler? (Photo)

I've always been self-conscious about the way that I look when I'm not squinting, because of the amount of sclera that shows. Is it possible to... READ MORE

Can fillers in the lower eyelid improve inferior scleral show? (photo)

I have slight lower lid laxity/scleral show. I have been looking at before/afters for aegyo sal fillers/surgeries and noticed that the lower eyelid... READ MORE

Is there a doctor who can use fillers to treat my scleral show (white space under iris)? (photos)

I would like fillers to treat my scleral show as I've read it's effective. Are there any doctors in the US offering this sort of nonstandard injection? READ MORE

Would fillers in my lower eyelid be a feasible option for fixing my scleral show? (photo)

I also have negative vector orbitals which is probably the main contributing factor to the sag of my lower lids. READ MORE

Can injectable fillers be used to reduce sclera show in the eye? (photos)

I've noticed that the most attractive men have no sclera show in their eyes. You can't see it at all. Can fillers be used under the eye to bring the... READ MORE

I have scleral show. Can it be fixed with fillers, and how much it will cost? (Photo)

Hi dear doctors.My name is farzona.i am 21 years old.I have scleral show.I dont want any surgeries to fix it.I heard about fillers help my scleral... READ MORE

Negative Canthal Tilt and Lateral Bowing (Photo)

I have read that negative canthal tilt & lateral bowing are extremely unattractive (especially in young female eyes). To what extent do I have these... READ MORE

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