Scarring + Injectable Fillers

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Not a Candidate for Dermal Fillers if Have Hypertrophic Scarring?

I have been thinking about having Juvederm or restylane injected into my nasolabial folds, but have read for both products that you should not use... READ MORE

Bad primary rhinoplasty left me with a small nose and retracted columella. injection fillers vs revision rhinoplasty? (Photo)

Dear doctors, bad primary rhino last year left me with small nose &retracted columella, so terrified of another surgery, I lost faith in surgeons and... READ MORE

Likeliness of Filler Injection for Causing Blindness?

I have a depressed scar on my temple. It is not so deep, <0.4mm but obvious in certain angles. While I considered the autologous fibroblast... READ MORE

Do Hyaluronic Acid Fillers Such As Juvederm or Restylane Build Collagen in Tissues?

Do hyaluronic acid fillers such as juvederm or restylane build collagen, so that may be a good treatment for depressed scarring on the face if used... READ MORE

I got my tear troughs done 24 hours ago. I have what looks like a blood vessel on the surface of my skin. Will it scar? (Photo)

I got more filler in my year troughs, and last time I got it done I didn't experienced any red dots or marks at the site of the injections. However... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for fillers? (Photo)

These are my lobes after 3 surgeries from the same surgeon. After the 1st surgery he thought I'd have better results if he used a different stitching... READ MORE

What can I do for fat loss and too much tightening in certain area to the face? (photos)

I lost a lot of fat from RF which also tighten part of my face, the left side of my mouth is pulling when i smile years after the sessions , my cheeks... READ MORE

What is the most natural filler ?

I have some scarring from a PDL that happened about 8 years ago. I had several treatments including Fraxel and subcision to help at that time. Now, I... READ MORE

Facial Fillers for Deep Facial Scars?

Hi, I'm a young girl (24) that has lived an athletic life with horses for over 10 years. Unfortunately horses can be dangerous and I have several... READ MORE

What treatment do you suggest for my dark circles and finelines under my eyes? (photos)

I have a very sensitive Middle-Eastern skin type, prone to acne, scaring, and sensitive to winter. The skin became thinner under my eyes, and I have... READ MORE

What could these lumps be after filler? (Photos)

Hi, I've had lumps appear in my top lip approx 12 months ago, since then I have had additional Juv & Restylne added however the lumps have not... READ MORE

Been wanting to enhance lips with filler for some time & was wondering if the use of a cannula can reduce swelling & bruising?

I have read that a cannula can reduce swelling and bruising, however I am wondering if it can do more. Some reports I've read women have said that... READ MORE

Will fat grafting, subsicion, fillers (like voluma) and medium depth Chemical peels yield good results for my scarring? (Photos)

I am looking for opinions on how to go about my scarring. I am currently on the fence about lasers. I have see the above procedures as treatments with... READ MORE

Lip injections. (photo)

How do i get rid of lip injection called Hyaluronica ? Is it dengerous ? Does it lives any scarring and how long does it last . I got it done 2 days... READ MORE

Skin graft or silicone filler after Fraxel scarring to nose?

I had Fraxel laser treatment (uk Dermatologist's clinic) to treat scarred and enlarged pores on my nose. I was devastated that the laser made the... READ MORE

Dog bite to face. Wanting advice on the best type of filler or a way to help with the scarring. (Photo)

Hi Dr's. Bitten by a dog when I was 3. My cheek was bitten off from my lower eye lid to my top lip. Its had a big impact on my life. I'm very self... READ MORE

Are subcision and fillers better choice for atrophic scars? (photos)

So far i have done two ematrix and one enerjet. They did improve box car scars but not the atrophic scar. The prior two dermatologists did not use... READ MORE

Fillers vs fat

Whats better for scarring? superfical all over laser scarring? pros vs cons of each please?? can really anything be done to put back skin to where it... READ MORE

Artecoll removal: Possible?

Wondering if i can have artecoll removed from my face, cheek area without any scarring and damage of surrounding tissue READ MORE

What can be done for my face/neck? Young with abnormal facial aging (Photo)

I used to have a REALLY chubby face, and upon losing that fat and being incredibly stressed out for years, I am left with whatever my face is now. I... READ MORE

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