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Restylane, Radiesse & Juvederm Warnings - Heart Attack or Stroke from Injecting into Blood

I have seen this on consent forms. This makes me not want to procede. It says the product can be accidently injected into a blood vessel, resulting in... READ MORE

Aspiration before injection of HA filler. Is it safe?

I'm very scared of having filler injected into an artery. After watching several demonstrations on youtube, I see none of the doctors aspirate before... READ MORE

Facial fillers: How much is too much filler?

After fat loss i had a lot of filler put in , but i need to top up every 2/3 months with half syringe as it keep dissolving , i have it in my cheeks,... READ MORE

What should I do for my under eye hollows? (photos)

I'm 32 years old and lately my eyes seem to have gotten more hollow looking. I want to get them filled but am scared cause I've heard some horror... READ MORE

What treatment do you suggest for my dark circles and finelines under my eyes? (photos)

I have a very sensitive Middle-Eastern skin type, prone to acne, scaring, and sensitive to winter. The skin became thinner under my eyes, and I have... READ MORE

How long will it take to reduce? (Photo)

I had a bad filler and asked them to remove. I went in on Friday to have removed and within hours of using the hylauronidaze my face looked like this.... READ MORE

My cheek filler is expanding, what can I do?

Hi. I had filler in my cheeks (high part and the balls) about 3 years ago and it's like it keeps growing and growing, my face looks distorted and my... READ MORE

What are my options for lines around eyes?

I have fine lines around my eyes- mainly underneath and some crows lines. I also have a (dry) slight skin sagging on the upper eyelids. I have deep... READ MORE

Is it be possible to fix my asymmetrical jaw with fillers or implants? (Photos)

Hello, I am too scared to get surgery and would like to know if another treatment could be an option for my problem... READ MORE

Is 31 to young for fillers? (photos)

I want to get some fillers before my wedding ok february, what do you think? I have always been scared of needles and cosmetic surgery; however I... READ MORE

Do you see anything wrong? (photos)

Scared to death its necrosis!! Please advise. Its Friday now and I have appointment on Monday morning. I've been treating lips with Carmex which has... READ MORE

Are any PLLA fillers other than sculptra widely used or considered safe?

Are any PLLA fillers other than sculptra widely used or considered safe? I'm particularly thinking about CORE FILLĀ® as a cheaper alternative but kind ... READ MORE

Can hyaluronic acid stay more than 5 years and become part of a natural tissue? (Photo)

I had a filler injection in my cheek five years a go and I tried every possible thing to remove it and it is very lumpy ,it was suppose to be... READ MORE

Scared that I had an unsafe filler injected - Modelis by Anteis?

Hi, I just had Modelis by a brand Anteis injected in my cheeks at a clinic in Toronto, Canada. I can find very little information about this filler... READ MORE

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