Scar Tissue + Injectable Fillers

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How long does saline solution last when injected to test out an appearance similar to that of filler?

When sterile saline is injected, how long will the effects last ? does this generate scar tissue or have any risks or side effects? READ MORE

Migrating filler or water retention due to HA fillers in cheeks, how can I find out what the problem is? (photos)

My face looks terrible after using various HA fillers over the last 18 months. I have scar tissue in my cheeks from removing malar implants 2 years... READ MORE

What happens to fillers as they wear off? Do they turn to scar tissue like Alloderm?

So many famous patients of cosmetic surgery look unnatural and have crepey, unnaturally smooth or sagging skin in the areas I would like a more... READ MORE

Do nose fillers create scar tissue?

I wanted to get nose fillers and was wondering if it will make scar tissue? Would it possibly pose as a problem when I decide on a real nose job once... READ MORE

Can repetitive injections with fillers in the nose give permanent collagen?

3 years ago i had a second rhinoplasty (with other doctor,on nose tip) for narrow my nose, but unfortunately narrowed more than i wanted. I visited... READ MORE

Scar tissue after lip filler - bigger lips? Ice on swollen - damage?

Is it true that lips will remain big if i keep get fillers before the last filler has disappeared? Big because of scar tissue which means that i dont... READ MORE

Is filler over scar tissue and implant safe?

I have jaw implants and scar tissue formed on one side and caused a slight problem with the appearance on one side. Is there any I couldn't have... READ MORE

Is it easier or more difficult to inject filler in tear trough years after a bleph?

A couple of years ago I had Restylane injected in my tear troughs. At that time I could hear 'crunching' or 'crackling' sounds and the oculoplastic... READ MORE

Is there any solution to a residual stubborn bump in my mid left cheek under the skin from scar tissue?

Hello I have a residual stubborn bump in my mid left cheek under the skin from scar tissue , the lump or bump is not fat but rather confirmed by a few... READ MORE

What happens to fillers used for the cheeks and midface as they dissolve?

I'd either like midface augmentation of fillers to soften a flat midface and diminish nasolabial folds that age me. Voluma, Radiesse, Dysport etc... READ MORE

Could repeated hyaluronic acid injections in the nose become permanent due to the formation of scar tissue around the filler?

I heard that, after many HA injections of fillers the results could become somewhat permanent, because the inflammatory process creates a scar around... READ MORE

What kind of scan would I need to see scar tissue after too many semi-permanent fillers?

I am wondering if abnormal scar tissue or an abundance of scar tissue in one place would show up on certain scans, and which one would be the best to... READ MORE

How would you camouflage skin irregularities with filler?

I have a depression & scar tissue, a few irregularities fm hematoma years ago (it left some smal lump that after voluma got much worse and cannot... READ MORE

Scar Tissue in Lip Philtrum Area. Can Bromelain or 5-FU Help to Dissolve This?

I have some fortelis and teosyal kiss (2 vials - too much) injected in my lips 3 years ago. I'm not sure if what I have left over in the philtrum... READ MORE

Can needle trauma from HA fillers scar tissue under the skin? (photos)

4 years after an HA overfill that left significant bruising and that was removed by Hyalase, I was advised that it was now safe to proceed to another... READ MORE

Please help - doctor says I have no hope in filler removal and fibrosis (Photo)

This is my latest MRI i still didnt get the report doctor say its impossible to save me . I contacted another doctor and said a face lift endoscopic... READ MORE

Uma Jeunesse (monophasic cross linked filler) put in my nose/mouth lines 27mths ago which has left granulomas and scar tissue.

Will these granulomas ever dissolve and how long will it take? Also, I have puffy soft patches which I am not sure if it is scar tissue or remaining... READ MORE

Filled under the eyes left with me lines in my cheeks and scar tissue under my eye. Any suggestions? (photos)

I got filler put under my eyes about 7 months ago and it's left me with what looks like malar lines. When I smile there is a puffy pouch under my eyes... READ MORE

Can fillers leave scar tissue you cannot see or feel?

Had filler to sort out droop on one side of mouth which has changed my smile. Left this side looking smooth and full. However it has changed my smile... READ MORE

Does inner scar tissue build up after several inflammatory responses?

For example: repeated use of Hyal. Acid. I heard that it could cause inflammation that can cause scar tissue resulting in a degree of permanent... READ MORE

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