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Exercise Risky After Wrinkle Filler Injection?

Is there  any risk of being highly active (as in running) after fillers are injected?  I am a runner and fear that if I use a filler it will... READ MORE

Are Silicone Injections a Safe, Effective Permanent Wrinkle Filler?

I was told that this is permanent but if done by an experienced doctor, in very small injections spaced at least 3-4 weeks apart, you can get the same... READ MORE

Safe to Get Restylane and Botox While on Antibiotics?

I'm having my first procedure tomorrow. I'm planning to have Restylane on my nasolabial folds and Botox on my forehead. Is it safe to have these done... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Get a Wrinkle Filler While Weaning from Breastfeeding?

I am weaning my daughter and have an appointment for a filler. I know it has not been tested for safety, but would it be a good precaution to... READ MORE

Wrinkle Filler Safety

The last thing i want is to get hurt by a person choice about getting botox or restaylne. what are the safe ways to get these injections? READ MORE

Under Eye Filler ~ Safe to Inject?

I live in Dallas and have been to about a dozen surgeons, none of which thinks it's safe to inject under the eye. I have hollowness under my eye... READ MORE

PMMA Filler for Jaw, Cheeks and Chin?

I would like permanent filler for my jaw/cheeks/chin. I read that PMMA (Polymethylmethacrylate) is safe in small quantity what amount is classed as a... READ MORE

Hyaluronic Acid from Hyacorp - Is It Safe?

I just found myself not injected Restylane but the HA from Hyacorp and as far as I know it's a German brand. Is this HA okay after all? Is Hyacorp... READ MORE

Fillers While Breast Feeding?

I am breast feeding my 2 year old, and he only has a tiny bit now. Is it okay now to have fillers? READ MORE

Tear Trough and Varicose Vein - Is Dermal Filler Safe?

I have, to my understanding, three factors that originates dark circles under my eyes: 1. Tear trough def 2. Varicose Veins along the Tear trough 3.... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Inject HA to the Breast?

Is it safe to inject normal HA that last only from 4 to 6 month not the macrolane to the breast? and is it safe for breastfeeding? READ MORE

Breast Injections Safe for Patients with Breast Cancer History?

I have a history of breast cancer in my family so I have concerns with breast implants. I've heard of injections that you can get, which seemed better... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Inject Hyaluronic Acid in the Upper Eyelid? (photo)

Is It Safe to Inject Hyaluronic Acid in the Upper Eye-lid? Thank You READ MORE

What Are the Risks of Removing Permanent Lip Filler Lumps and Granulomas?

I'm not sure which is in my lips but I would like to have it removed. My doctor offered to freeze it and cut in and look to see if he can remove it. ... READ MORE

Hyaluronic Acid Filler - What's the Source?

Is it made by chemical process or obtained from animals? I would like to know how the substance is obtained and how safe it is to inject into the face. READ MORE

Is Xela Filler safe and long lasting?

I have been injected with Xela filler around the mouth area which has made me look like a monkey but this is still swelling as only had done today.... READ MORE

What is the Safest Dermal Filler?

Are Some Cosmetic Injections Riskier Than Others? READ MORE

What is Xela, and is it safe?

I can find very little info on it online as it seems to be quite new, apparently very stable and created by Swiss practitioners. I'm just wondering if... READ MORE

Dermagen as a Filler for Wrinkles - Is It Safe?

My sister just had DERMAGEN injected to her face for chin improvement, nasolabial folds, lower lib, etc. After she told me I looked the product up and... READ MORE

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