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Why Do Alot of People Say Dermal Fillers Are Dangerous?

Like obviously i have heard they are safe but researching online etc and talking to people alot of people say they are dangerous and really are a... READ MORE

How Safe is It to Have Dermal Fillers Injected into Temples?

This area seems so dangerous to inject, or is it the under eye area that blindness can occur? My derm suggested that I think about having this area... READ MORE

How Rare is Skin Necrosis when Using Dermal Fillers?

Could I please get a "1 in ....." example of the odds of getting skin necrosis? Thank you. READ MORE

Dermal Filler in the Chin, Which Type Is Best, And Is There The Risk Of It Becoming Lumpy?

I am interested in having dermal filler in the chin, i was looking into chin implants but dont think my chin is bad enough to go through that.... READ MORE

Expired Injectable Fillers Harmful?

I am injected with Restylane that was 3 months expired as I saw afterwards. Can this harm me? READ MORE

I injected myself with aloe vera gel in my buttocks. Should I be concerned?

I just injected myself in the buttocks with aloe vera gel about 600 CC's each buttocks (Today) i am really scared right now should i be concerned... READ MORE

Can you tell me what is a typical presentation of a biofilm infection after injectable filler?

Please can you tell me what is a typical presentation of a biofilm infection after injectable filler ? How soon after the filler does it come ? Are... READ MORE

How Should I Wait to Dissolve Emervel?

Hi, I had HA (emervel volume) injected in the notches of my chin. But It was not correctly placed. I want it to be dissolved, I know it can be... READ MORE

Risk of Granulomas with Fillers?

I was planning to get fillers (restylane or juvederm) for my nose to mouth lines (administered by a fully qualified plastic surgeon). But I'm... READ MORE

Risk of Filler Injection for Causing Blindness? (photo)

I have a depressed scar on my temple area which is about 1x2cm^2. It is shallow, i'd say <0.4mm, but it's obvious in certain lightings. I... READ MORE

What Are the Risks of Removing Permanent Lip Filler Lumps and Granulomas?

I'm not sure which is in my lips but I would like to have it removed. My doctor offered to freeze it and cut in and look to see if he can remove it. ... READ MORE

Not a Candidate for Dermal Fillers if Have Hypertrophic Scarring?

I have been thinking about having Juvederm or restylane injected into my nasolabial folds, but have read for both products that you should not use... READ MORE

Can You Get a Emboli from Lip Augmentation with a Hyaluronic Acid? (photo)

If you are injecting a hyaluronic acid into the lips for plumping purposes, can it get into a vein and travel to your lungs or brain? I know that it... READ MORE

What can be done about dark spots on nose bridge/root (next to eyes)? Filler? Blindness risk? (photos)

0.3ml of HA per side? The area was swollen following hair transplant, and it looked wonderful, no darkness. I’ve read that injecting HA there can be d... READ MORE

How long does saline solution last when injected to test out an appearance similar to that of filler?

When sterile saline is injected, how long will the effects last ? does this generate scar tissue or have any risks or side effects? READ MORE

What is the Safest Dermal Filler?

Are Some Cosmetic Injections Riskier Than Others? READ MORE

Is it safe to get Botox or fillers done if trying to get pregnant or newly pregnant?

Currently not pregnant but will try soon.. I recently got Botox done and may get fillers in the next few weeks.. Is there harm in that if I get pregnant? READ MORE

Skin Necrosis with Dermal Fillers?

I’m planning on getting dermal fillers on regular basis (3-6 months). Is there a risk of skin/tissue necrosis with such regular touch up? I really l... READ MORE

Can I Use Dermal Fillers if I'm Prone to Keloids?

I've been to several different doctors, for my nasolabial folds, all recommended a different product; Radiesse or Juvederm. My folds are very... READ MORE

Stylage: a Risk?

I'm considering Stylage to fill in the nasio labal folds (I'm 37). However, I had a very bad reaction over a year ago to Radiesse to fill a gap in my... READ MORE

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