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Horrible Results from Filler Under my Eyes. Will It Go Back to Normal or Will I Have to Have Surgery to Correct It? (photo)

I had fillers injected under my eyes for eye hollows. Now I am left with bags and creases. Did the filler cause perminant damage to the skin under my... READ MORE

Do fillers work well and which one would give me the results I'm looking for? (Photo)

Im 45 years old. I feel the skin around my mouth and lower face is sagging a bit. I feel I'm too young for a face lift and would like suggestions on... READ MORE

Did I get a GOOD result after getting fillers under eyes? (Photo)

I just got redensity 2 fillers under my eyes! One syringe for an eye I m not sure if I have got gud results becuz I can still see the hollowness and... READ MORE

How to get a more defined upper lip and Cupid's bow? (Photo)

Hi I have recently just had juverderm lip filler treatment on my upper and lower lip but only a tiny amount around the borders of my lips to increase... READ MORE

Wrinkle Filler Success

Are the results of Botox and Restylane different based on the injector? The results with my first round, with slow, methodical injecting, was... READ MORE

Hit in Face 24 Hours After Injections. Can That Cause Harm?

Hit in Face 24 Hours After Injections. Can That Cause Harm? READ MORE

Before I have facial fillers (restylane etc), should I wait for weight loss?

I've just recovered from a serious back injury and am looking forward to re-launching my image. I am going to resume fillers (I last had it three... READ MORE

Can a bad result of hyaluronic acid injection be irreversible?

I am thinking in using HA for my nasolabial folds, however, I am worried that I may don't like the results and having to deal with it FOREVER. I know... READ MORE

I would like to look more youthful, what would you recommend? (photos)

45 years old, height 5.5, weight 56 Kg I have always felt attractive until recently. I have prominent nasal folds; around the eye area it is looking... READ MORE

Organic filler

I am 32 and I suffer from acne and scars and I also have saggy cheeks and under eye dark circles. I did prp session and I havent seen any results so I... READ MORE

Which lip filler do you recommend for a 61 year old female?

Several years ago I did Juvederm XC and had good results. I'm ready to do it again but I'm wondering now that I'm over 60 if another filler is better... READ MORE

5 days ago I had hyaluronic acid Revanesse Contour injected into my chin. Uneven chin filler results? (photo)

I still have pretty severe bruising and slight discomfort from the procedure. I was injected with 1syringe and I noticed a depression on the side, so... READ MORE

Should I get botox or jawline filler to slim my face? (Photos)

My practitioner has suggested either filler to my jawline and chin to create the illusion of a longer face, or botox to the masseter muscle. Which... READ MORE

If I were to get PRP this week, and hyalase in a months time, would the hyalase bother the PRP results? (Photo)

I had fillers stylage (Hyaluronic Acid) twice in 2012. Unfortunately im left with a very noticeable soft lump .Three years on its still there. i have... READ MORE

Filler brand for acne scars and can I combine with PRP?

Thanks alot for previous reply, which brand of filler i use for my acne scar to get maximum and better result for acne scar my redness or Brown spot... READ MORE

How Accurate Are Dermal Fillers with a Good Doctor?

I have semi deep naso folds and I would like to make them disappear everyone recommends dermal fillers but im a little scared because theres been alot... READ MORE

Is it Possible to Ruin the Results of a Filler the Injection Site has Been Rubbed?

My boyfriend accidently rubbed there exact area of the injection site. is it possible he damaged my filler or am i just being paranoid do i have to... READ MORE

I have a chin crease, under my lower lip. I want it to be gone. Any way to get permanent results?

I don't want to get a botox or filler because the results aren't permanent. Any way to get permanent results? Any way possible to get rid of this chin... READ MORE

Does Ultrasonic Vibrations Affect Injectable Fillers in the Face?

Does Ultrasonic Vibrations Affect Injectable Fillers in the Face? READ MORE

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