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How Do I Get Rid of Wrinkle Filler if I Don't Like the Results?

I read that injectables can be extracted from the skin if you don't like the results.  How is this possible?  Laverné from... READ MORE

Nasolabial Folds - Best Way to Remove Them?

Hi : While considering fillers for removing the naso labial folds ( very mild) what is the best technique ? Fill the folds or use fillers on the... READ MORE

Can a Permanent Filler Be Removed?

I have a small lump on the bridge of my nose and although is not very noticable, it is to me and I can see it in shadowy lights. It feels like a small... READ MORE

I Had a Permanent Filler Placed in my Chin, on Both Sides And Now Have Granuloma. How To Remove?

This was to correct a badly placed chin implant. Now I have granuloma formation under my chin. Can this be removed? READ MORE

Options for Removing PMMA Around Eyes and Upper Cheeks?

I received PMMA fillers around the rims of my eyes and in my upper cheeks about 3 months ago, and the area is too full. I was wondering if Kenalog... READ MORE

Unidentified filler injected into my lips - how to remove it? (photos)

I had "hyaluronic acid" injected into my lips more than a year ago abroad. It was supposed to be biodegradable and temporary, but I don't think it is... READ MORE

Removing solid silicone lip implant to get silicone injections? How soon after removal can I get the injections? (photos)

I got a 5mm lip implant in my upper lip. I almost didn't get it because I thought it would look too big or fake. Instead, it didn't really make a... READ MORE

Is Tranexamic Acid a Permanent Filler and Can It Be Removed from the Face?

Hello, I desperately need to find out whether tranexamic acid is a permanent filler or not. Seven months ago I had it injected (unnecessarily, as it... READ MORE

Cheeks Permanent Fillers (Estiform) ?

Hi doctors :) How to remove permanent fillers ( estiform) from cheeks ? Suction , surgical , cortisone injections ... Etc It has been there for almost... READ MORE

Will Wydase Remove Fat Injections From Lip Lines?

Will wydase remove fat injections that were injected around the lips for the lip lines. I had this done about 3 years ago and the area above my top... READ MORE

How Can I Get Rid of Cosmetic Injection Lumps from Five Years Ago?

I had a filler injection done approximately 5 years ago. The person who inject me said it was ácido hialuronico y acido lactico ( Phiell g1) however ... READ MORE

Can Bioplastique (Solid Injectable Silicone) Be Removed?

I had some injections of this product called bioplastique.It's a permanent filler,it's solid silicone that it's been used for years in surgery, for... READ MORE

Can I Get my PMMA Fillers Removed?

I am a 29 yr. old female and I went to Mexico to get fillers (PMMA) 7 days ago and experience no problems whatsoever. I did not have pain or... READ MORE

Granuloma Removal After Dermalive in Lips?

Hi, I have a granuloma in the ridge of my upper lip caused from Dermalive. I have had steroid injections and an attempt of removal twice with a little... READ MORE

How Can I Remove Silskin Injection From Buttocks?

I had Silskin injection 8th months ago and did another one 3 month ago. I wasn't aware of it but I did it after I lost weight. Now my body came... READ MORE

How Do I Get Rid of the Bags from Injection from Under my Eyes?

I lived in Canada for a while and about 7 month ago I had an injection under my eyes with hyaluronic filler calles Esthelis. I was told that it was a... READ MORE

Is it Possible to Fully Remove Polyacrylamide from Lips? (photo)

Hi, I had polyacrylamide injected in my lips twice over 5 yrs, and i was told that the product used is semi-permanent and it will go away in 5 years..... READ MORE

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