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Are Injectable Fillers Good For Reducing a Deep Labiomental Fold? (photo)

I want to achieve a flatter chin and profile, or reduce my jutting chin/deep labiomental fold. I do have and overbite that I'm considering... READ MORE

What are my options to restore more youthful appearance to under eye area & reduce the creases near my nose and mouth? (photos)

I am a 44 yo female and I am wondering what my best options are for treatment of my under eye area. I have some wrinkles, crepiness and hollowness. I... READ MORE

Cheek filler can't be dissolved after four times of hyalurondaise injections. Will fillers help reduce nasolabial line? (photo)

I had 1ml of hyaluronic acid filler injected for increasing cheek volume. The doctor had 0.5ml on each cheek, the result was not satisfying and i went... READ MORE

Will fillers be able to do reduce/reshape my chin? (photos)

Hi all. I have a real issue with my profile. Mainly my chin, as my nose I can deal with. From the front I'm quite an effeminate looking guy with a... READ MORE

Wrinkle around the mouth and chin. How to reduce the fine and deeper lines?

I have asked several doctors/aesthetics in how to reduce the lines around the chin area. Their response is Laser, resurfacing. This require a lot of... READ MORE

Can I reduce the upper eyelid space/hallowing? Can filler do this for me? Would shaving down my eyebrow ridge help? (photo)

I have upper eyelid hallowing (the space between the eyebrow bone and eyelid) My eyelid space also shows too much i feel. I'm thinking this is a... READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for cheek filler to reduce hollowness and tired look around my eyes? (photos)

I am looking to restore volume in my cheeks and reduce to hollowness and tired look around my eyes. The plastic surgeon recommended radiesse for my... READ MORE

Can upper lip fillers reduce the appearance of nasolabial folds?

I've had varying success with fillers injected directly to nasolabial folds. Sometimes I feel the filler has actually exacerbated the folds. Is there... READ MORE

ls it possible to reduce a cleft chin with just fillers? (photos)

I want my cleft chin reduced but not removed completely. I was wondering if it was possible to get subtle results without major surgery? Thanks! READ MORE

Does getting a HA dermal lip filler reduce the amount of collagen and elasticity in the lips once the filler dissolves?

I was told by a doctor that in younger people getting fillers in the lips, especially the border can reduce the natural collagen and elasticity once... READ MORE

What can I do to reduce this indent? (Photo)

I have always had this indent which got larger when I gained weight. I've lost weight but I still notice it. what options are there and might it go... READ MORE

I heard there are injections that can reduce facial fat (for neck and cheeks), what are they called and is it a good treatment?

I always did not have a perfect jawline, and I lost and gained little weight a lot. Nothing very significant though. My bmi is normal but my neck... READ MORE

How can Outline filler be removed besides surgery?

I had Outline filler (Polyacrylamide Hydrogel) injected into my laugh lines. It is starting to bulge. Is there anything that can be injected into this... READ MORE

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