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Horrible Results from Filler Under my Eyes. Will It Go Back to Normal or Will I Have to Have Surgery to Correct It? (photo)

I had fillers injected under my eyes for eye hollows. Now I am left with bags and creases. Did the filler cause perminant damage to the skin under my... READ MORE

PMMA for the Buttocks and Face? Why Safe For Face But Not The Butt?

If PMMA is not safe for the buttocks why is it used as a facial filler for HIV patients. Im confused. If facial use was approved by the FDA why not... READ MORE

Why Do Some Filler Results Look So Unnatural? (photo)

Was there a technique used or an area where she was injected that made here look so...unnatural and - sorry to say but - weird? What questions can I... READ MORE

Why is it that every time I have lip fillers put in they look like fish lips?

Why is it that everytime I have lip fillers put in they look like fish lips? Could it be because my lips are thin and I've lost volume in my face? I... READ MORE

Why is the bottom right side of face drooping? (Photo)

I've always had a symmetrical face and recently the right side of my face has began to drop. I was not in an accident nor hurt myself, it seems as if... READ MORE

Fillers do not work on me. Why?

I have already gotten fillers two different times, from two different spas. However, fillers only last about a month and then my face goes back to the... READ MORE

Why has my lip filler doubled in size on one side of my lips when I have had it done over 6 months? (Photo)

Could you help me please I have had my lips done over 6 months ago and I woke up today to one side doh me in size and the filler is really hard and... READ MORE

Why do doctors put more lip filler in the upper lip than in the bottom lip? (Photo)

Hi I just had lip injections 2 days ago. My question is why do they put 2/3 in the upper lip and 1/3 of the filler in the bottom lip? I was told this... READ MORE

Why do some doctors refuse to put any filler under anyone's eyes?

There are a lot of doctors that will not use fillers at all under people's eyes. They say it shouldn't be done by anyone. Obviously the results speak... READ MORE

Cheekbone injection for sunken cheeks? Is it a common practice?

I have sunken cheeks, with the hollow under my cheekbone. I expected that the filler will be injected into this area, but instead the doctor injected... READ MORE

Why are my smile lines getting deeper? (Photo)

I've been getting my lips done for the past year and I find that the bigger I go, the deeper my smile lines get around my lips. You'll see it a lot on... READ MORE

Why did my hyaluronic acid fillers only last a week on my under eye area?

I basically paid a doctor who is supposedly internationally certified to swell my eyes for a week. I did my reasearch and everything pointed at... READ MORE

Lip still full but now sagging years after hyaluronic injections stopped

Mid 30's, braces 12+ years no breaks. Recent months my orthodontist began closing a large space in front, I asked him if my upper lip now drooping... READ MORE

What is best? Was told by one surgeon fillers, Botox, Ultherapy and k-lift. One said weight gain, then fat injections. (Photo)

I'm turning 50 in July. In last two years I went from 116lb to 83lb no medical reason. I can't get past 90. My face use to be round and I'm tired of... READ MORE

Why am I losing fat on one side of my cheek and I have a wrinkle going down to split it? (Photo)

Hi I really need some help, I am 22 year old female and recently I've noticed my face from one side is loosing weight and has split, meaning when I... READ MORE

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