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Can You Have an Allergic Reaction to Fillers? Can You Become Puffy on Face and Around Eyes?

Can you have an allergic reaction to any fillers juverden restylane ex. puffines of face and under eyes and will this be permantly? READ MORE

What Causes Allergic Reactions to Fillers? Is There a Way to Do a Test?

Is there a way to know ahead of time if you will react allergically to Restylane or Radiesse or Selphyl? Can you do a test injection on your arm or... READ MORE

Can you have an allergic reaction to Dermal Fillers?

I was told by consultant that after having dermal fillers I had an allergic reaction to hydraulnic acid in the filler as I developed hard lumps in the... READ MORE

What tests are performed prior to using Injectable Fillers to see whether an allergic reaction will occur?

Hello, I would like to get a lip filler juverderm or restylane and around laugh lines.  READ MORE

Previous inflammatory response to filler. Will I have another response if i use a filler again after resolving the issue?

I have used filler for nasoobial folds for 2 years with no problem, i then had my tear trougha nd cheeks filled (Teosal). 2 weeks after that i had an... READ MORE

What would you suggest for a guy with prematurely aged skin and subcutaneous fat loss due to an adverse drug reaction? (Photo)

I'm a 42 year old male who experienced thinning skin, particularly the sides of my face, whilst taking propecia. No evidence of genetic propensity or... READ MORE

Is it possible to have an allergic reaction 6 months after azzalure injection?

Right eye became very swollen in April treated with steroid ointment it reduced but left with bags under both eyes. No improvement. I think it's... READ MORE

Can you recommend an alternative to botox? I had a severe reaction.

I had Dysport for mild frown & forehead lines Almost instantly I experienced a shocking taste in my throat,heart palpitations,a 'fuzzy' head, as well... READ MORE

I'm seriously considering getting lip fillers. I have really high anxiety and hate needles.

I'm scared that I'll have an allergic reaction, or will panic half way through! Any advice for the biggest chicken in the world? READ MORE

How long will it take to reduce? (Photo)

I had a bad filler and asked them to remove. I went in on Friday to have removed and within hours of using the hylauronidaze my face looked like this.... READ MORE

Am I having a reaction to lip filler? (Photo)

I got 0.5ml of lip filler in just my top lip yday and passed out twice when the doctor was massaging it in, I had to lie down for about half an hour... READ MORE

My fillers are causing an allergic reaction or a certain reaction that is making them clump up or become very strong, any advice

I had my lips done two months ago, later on i had some fillers in my cheeks by a different doctor. it's been more than one month now and i did not... READ MORE

Does a Reaction to Topical Hylauronic Acid Mean I Can No Longer Have Fillers?

Hi there, I had a bad reaction (first allergic reaction of my life at 39) to Una Brennan, Neroli lifting firming mask - skin red raw after 5 minutes... READ MORE

What caused my reaction to filler? (Photo)

I had fillers in november in my cheeks and my lips a month later i had a rash i was prescribed antihistamines and locatop.this helped until february... READ MORE

Continuous r acting ns to facial filler.

I had facial fillers injected over a year ago and I am still experiencing reactions in the form of swollen eyes and bumps. My doctor has injected... READ MORE

Can I have any other fillers injected in my mid face if there are still remnants of Voluma there? Would they react?

I have Voluma in my mid face which is wearing off. I am looking to have another product (Juvaderm ultra/ultra plus or restylane) injected at the top... READ MORE

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