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Botox, Filler and Chemical Peel Regulations in Texas?

Who is allowed to do Botox injections, injectable fillers and chemical peels in Texas? Is it legal for a nurse to do Botox in Texas? READ MORE

Dermatologists Vs Plastic Surgeons for Fillers?

I haven't had anything done and I'm now considering a filler. I received mixed reviews on which route to take, as a close friend that works in the... READ MORE

Cosmetic Injections at a Hair Salon?

My hair salon has a cosmetic doctor come once per week to do injections. Is this safe? READ MORE

Is Dr. Jay G. Barnett in NYC a red flag doing Liquid Injectable Silicone ?

Dr. Jay G. Barnett in NYC has been using medical grade liquid silicone for over 40 years and and he says the FDA has approved. I'm a HIV patient and i... READ MORE

Who is Qualified to Administer Cosmetic Fillers?

The Spa that I go to has 2 MDs (family doctors) and a nurse performing these "filler" procedures. Are the doctors qualified to do these procedures or... READ MORE

In New Jersey Can a Registered Nurse Do Botox or Filler

In the State of New Jersey, can a Registered Nurse do Botox or Filler injections of Juvederm, Radiesse? READ MORE

How Much is Enough Experience for Injecting Fillers?

I have had Botox injections by a doctor I felt really comfortable with, and who gave me a very educational consultation about Botox and Juvederm. At... READ MORE

Best to Have a Plastic Surgeon, General MD or a Dermatologist Perform Filler Injections?

All things being equal I am leaning toward going to the plastic surgeon to put in nasolabial filler injectons. The general MD at the Skin Clinic and... READ MORE

Choosing Qualified DOT Therapy and Cosmetic Injection Providers

How do I know which doctor/provider to choose for DOT Therapy and cosmetic injections? One is a nurse practioner who has certification; One is a board... READ MORE

What to Ask Injector to Gauge Their Experience?

What specific questions should we ask a doctor to find out if they are experienced injectors? I would not think the number of injections would... READ MORE

Why Are Plastics Docs So Down on Other Specialties Injecting?

I could understand if these plastics docs were actually the people injecting these products, I suppose. And, anyone who has been practicing longer... READ MORE

What qualifies someone to be an "expert injector" in the tear trough area besides their qualifications?

I have read of many bad experiences with tear trough fillers. In researching this topic, I have read that an expert injector is needed..qualifications... READ MORE

I'm confused and devastated. It seems that I failed again in choosing the right injector. Or is it just my bad luck? (Boston)

Can you PLEASE share your opinions in what is the BEST approach in choosing a skilled facial injector? I'm confused with all those certifications,... READ MORE

Can any plastic surgeon inject lip fillers?

Can any plastic surgeon inject lip fillers? Or should I go to someone who specifically does lip fillers, Botox, or Juvederm? What qualifications does... READ MORE

Injectables at Spas - What are Your Opinions?

It seems very strange that in Texas estheticians can inject Botox and Juvederm etc...but that more educated healthcare professionals cannot. A dentist... READ MORE

Tear Trough Doctor in Sydney, Australia? Is It OK to Get Injected by a Nurse? (photo)

Had RESTYLANE in tear trough in December 2012 in Italy with a GREAT result (see photos). I am now in Sydney and need it done again but I can't seem to... READ MORE

I Am a Registered Nurse and Am Very Interested in Training to Become a Nurse Injector. Where Should I Start?

Does anyone know of any highly respected training programs or even if product representatives directly from the manufacturer offer any type of... READ MORE

Can a Nurse Administer Keloid Injection?

I am a nurse workin in a plastic Reconstructive clinic,would like 2 know if Keloid injections are in a nurses scope of practise? Kindly advise as our... READ MORE

Botox, Fillers and Chemical Peels by Non-licensed Physicans?

I see posts about injections that can only be administered by physicians: in the US, must those physicians be licensed IN the US or can any... READ MORE

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