Puffy Eyes + Injectable Fillers

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Can You Have an Allergic Reaction to Fillers? Can You Become Puffy on Face and Around Eyes?

Can you have an allergic reaction to any fillers juverden restylane ex. puffines of face and under eyes and will this be permantly? READ MORE

Who Should I See for Injectable Fillers?

I'm a healthy and active 35 year old female with under eye hollows and puffiness. I'm apprehensive about surgery, so I'm considering either Juvederm... READ MORE

Recommended Treatment for Hereditary Puffy Eyes?

The skin under my eyes is always puffy, and I'm wondering what procedure would best remedy it. I am 40, and my father and aunt also have this... READ MORE

Tear Trough Filler Changed the Shape of my Eyes

I had my tear troughs filled in, being Middle Eastern, I had naturally deep set eyes, but now I am puffy on my lower eyelid and my eyes look shallow... READ MORE

I have puffy eyes. Can I get filler? (photos)

I have very pronounced epicanthal folds despite being 100% caucasian and my eyes look tired and puffy all the time. I would like to try some kind of... READ MORE

Would fillers help my under eye bags? If so, which ones? (photos)

I have puffiness under my eyes which causes dark circles/ huge indentions in the tear trough area. Would I be a good candidate for fillers? Would this... READ MORE

I'm 30 yrs old. I have done eye filler last June for my puffy eyes to enhance my look. Will the filler dissolve after 3 months?

I am a young 30 years old female. The Doctor has informed me that it will last for 6 months. Almost 3 months passed and I look so ugly since day... READ MORE

Will my drooping eyebrow and puffy upper eyelids plus my incredibly angry look wear off after azzalure injections?

I got azzalure injections from a dentist in Northern Ireland on 11th July. According to this dentist I received 12 units in my forehead and 42 in my... READ MORE

Need opinion if either is necessary: dermal filler or blepharoplasty? (Photo)

I've recently had insomnia/sleep deprivention for the first time in my life due to stress from several issues for about a month. In this month I... READ MORE

Can I use filler instead of botox on the number 11 on my forehead?

I had botox injected into forehead lines and between my eyebrows. Every time I have had this procedure, I inform the injector (four different... READ MORE

Filler to eliminate puffy eyes? (photos)

I have some puffy and dark areas under my eyes...it's worse when I smile when the puffiness gets more noticeable. Would filler in my cheekbones help... READ MORE

Is it possible the filler is leaking down into my eyes?

I received filler 1 week ago from my facialist in my eyebrow arch area. when injected i could feel it in upper back of my eyes and told her so. i came... READ MORE

Are tear trough fillers a good idea for me? (Photo)

I am 24 years old and have genetic dark under eye circles and puffy eyes. I am considering tear trough fillers. Do you think it will help improve my... READ MORE

Under eye filler using cannula injection. (photos)

I did under eye filler week ago .. it's still puffy under my left eye and little on right. It looks like half dark moon under my left below the... READ MORE

Would dissolving fillers in the upper eyelids cause any damages?

The fillers that were injected in my tear trough migrated to the corners of my upper eyelids and its making my eyes really look weird and puffy! Also... READ MORE

How to reverse effect of fillers in eye over a year ago?

I had fillers under my eye over a year ago. My right eye is still puffy and bruised underneath. My doctor cannot seem to find a cause to this problem... READ MORE

I Had Filler Treatment for Dark Circles and Hollows Two Months Ago, and Recently Developed Puffiness Under One Eye.

The doctor used an injection in an attempt to dissolve the filler, but my eye is still puffy. My eye wasn't like this prior to the filler. The... READ MORE

Skin Still Loose After Vein Was Hit During Injectable Procedure. Is This Permanent?

During the procedure of injecting a filler in the under eye area a vein was hit in my upper cheek. It was bruised for several months. The skin is... READ MORE

How long will this swelling last from filler? (Photo)

I had my second injection of Vitrase and it went down a little but still really puffy under eye. How long before this resolves on its own? If this is... READ MORE

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