Puffiness + Injectable Fillers

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Why Does my Undereye Filler Look Gray and Puffy?

I had Dermal filler in the area under my eyes where there was some fat deficit related to aging skin. Now it is still puffy, lumpy, and looks darker... READ MORE

Am I not a good candidate for under eye filler because my mid face is flat? (photos)

A doctor told me that I'm not a good candidate for fillers because I technically don't have hollowing, but rather a negative orbital vector and mild... READ MORE

Please tell me I'm not a lost cause or a Lindsay Lohan? (Photo)

I'm only 30 yet I'm already showing signs of premature aging - jowls, a turkey neck, deep nasolabial folds - which partly has to do with my high... READ MORE

20 year old with puffy cheeks and pronounced nasolabial folds. Am I a good candidate for injectable fillers? (Photo)

I'm 20 years old and have been self-conscious about my face since I was 15. My cheeks are puffy and saggy and I feel that my nasolabial folds are very... READ MORE

2 mths after HA fillers in my cheeks, I'm very puffy/lumpy. I think this is water retention secondary to HA filler. Help.(photo)

I have tried every type of HA filler even Voluma. It's 2 months post Restalyn injections in my cheeks and every morning my tear trough area is... READ MORE

How to get rid of puffy/morning face?

In the morning when I go to school, my face is always puffy. It makes me look super tired. My face is puffy for about 4 hours, and It usually goes... READ MORE

What is the most effective route for each path (surgical/non-surgical) to remove puffiness and hollow tear trough? (photo)

Desire a natural resulting look. I am a 53 years young African American who is prone to scarring based on prior surgeries. If non-surgical choices... READ MORE

I had una junesse filler on line near mouth/nose. Just on right side. It spread up my face to eye. Is this normal?

Thank you Edwin ishoo me. He also injected either side of eyes with dysport. My right side was very swollen. It went down but I was left with... READ MORE

Under eye puffiness. So what fillers are best for my puffiness?

I have under eye puffiness but I really prefer not to do anything too invasive. So what fillers are best for my puffiness? READ MORE

I had HA injections under my eyes 3 months ago and have battled with puffiness, dark redness and swelling. When will it stop?

3 months later I sm still dealing with very swollen, dark red patches under my eyes. It got so bad at one point that I had to have a cortisone... READ MORE

What kind of under eye puffiness is this and how can it be fixed? (photo)

I know these things aren't bags but I'm not sure what they are. What are they and how can they be fixed? Would a nose job fix this? Could anything... READ MORE

I have under eye puffiness and droopiness at age 19. Would you suggest filler or surgery?

I have under eye puffiness and droopiness at age 19. I wanted to know which would be the best option for my young face. ive done long distance... READ MORE

How to get rid of thick nodule-like things under my skin after Ellanse filler?

I got Ellanse filler in my mid cheeks and nasolabial folds, 3 months ago, however one side got extremely puffy and swollen, even though less of the... READ MORE

I had hyaluronic acid under my eyes in October last year and the area is still puffy. What can I do? (Photo)

Hi, I had halurinic acid injection under my eyes in early October last year(2014) and since then my under eyes are puffy. Can you please recommend... READ MORE

My doctor gave me my xeomin injection in the bone in the bridge of my nose.

This time for some unknown reason he gave me the injection at the bridge of my nose. Eyelid looks full of fluid and droopy. He did not inject by the... READ MORE

I noticed a fold and puffiness around on my face. What do I do to get rid of it? (Photo)

I don't know if it's a naso labial fold on my face but the line and puffiness is making me uncomfortable and it's becoming more prominent . What do I... READ MORE

Could Too Much Dermafill in One Area Cause Side Effects?

In my forehead and the area in between my eyebrows, I was injected Dermafill, and it looks puffy still after 2 days. Is this normal? Could this be a... READ MORE

I Have Wrinkles Under My Eyes and Received Fillers, But Will the Swelling and Puffiness Go Down?

OK so in 23 years old and i had these wrinkles under my eyes .so i stared to google and ask .long story short my questions where answer its said that... READ MORE

A Couple Hours After Hyaluronic Acid Fillers Cheeks Are So Puffy and Red?

Hey doctors, so my mum had cheek fillers by Hyaluronic Acid yesterday.at first she saw a wonderful improvment and she was satisfied with the... READ MORE

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