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Dermatologists Vs Plastic Surgeons for Fillers?

I haven't had anything done and I'm now considering a filler. I received mixed reviews on which route to take, as a close friend that works in the... READ MORE

What is the Longest Lasting Filler for Lips, Cheek, Jowl, & Crows Feet?

What about Dermalive, Dermadeep, & Fascian as long lasting fillers? Which is reportedly the longest lasting? What are the best uses of these... READ MORE

Dental Blocks Caution?

Are dental blocks safe or are there any bad side effects? READ MORE

Tear Troughs and Other Side Effects? (photo)

36 yo severe eye hollowness . The arcus marg. is quite marked: Y-shaped grooves under my eyes (blue and green lines): the skin below tends to loosen... READ MORE

Am I too young to have tear trough fillers?

I recently turned 18 and has also recently realized that I have deep, prominent tear troughs that are accentuated due to my dark circles. I have tried... READ MORE

Facelift and fillers. Pros & cons of each? Goal is to fill brow area, cheekbone area, jawline. Advice appreciated!

Had a fl about 10 yrs ago, aging setting in. Nervous about further cutting (re-facelift) d/t possible distortion of features. So for the first time... READ MORE

Bad Sculptra experience. I was recommended to use micro-silicone drops. What's the safety & pros or cons of this therapy?(photo)

A prominent Plastic Surgeon suggested that I do micro-silicone droplets injections. I did it once and was very pleased with the outcome . I'll still... READ MORE

Fillers or fat grafting for underneath the eyes??? (photos)

I'm interested in getting rid of the aged appearance underneath my eyes and debating fillers or fat grafting. The research I've done (a lot on this... READ MORE

How Does Hylaform Differ from Hyalgan?

What is the difference between Hylaform and Hyalgan, a hyaluronic based injection to treat arthritis? both are made of hyaluronic acid derived from... READ MORE

What is the Safest Face Filler That Can Be Used and What Are the Forbidden Ones?

What is the Safest Face Filler That Can Be Used and What Are the Forbidden Ones? READ MORE

Cheekbone fillers?

Hi doctors, Can fillers help achieve high cheekbones? If so, which type of fillers would be best. Please explain the pros and cons for each type.... READ MORE

Fillers vs fat

Whats better for scarring? superfical all over laser scarring? pros vs cons of each please?? can really anything be done to put back skin to where it... READ MORE

What are the most prevalent pros/cons of the various methods of using injectables/fillers? MED Jet electroporation, Derma Frac?

I am I comparing apples to oranges? Also what technical knowledge and experiences do you have about the different injectables/fillers themselves?... READ MORE

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