Proportion + Injectable Fillers

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Fillers to Make my Face More Proportionate to a Swollen Nose After Rhinoplasty?

My nose is swollen from recent rhinoplasty. I'm searching for a procedure that helps distract from my nose till it goes down fully.(I'm 26 with a... READ MORE

Fillers added into nose vs jaw?

When you look at a patient and they ask for a higher nose bridge using fillers, do you also look to see if they need fillers in the jawline? I was... READ MORE

I had lip filler yesterday and I'm concerned about how they look! Any suggestions? (photos)

Yesterday I had 0.5 of uma jusnesse added to my top lip I look fine from the front it's just my side profile seems out of proportion. I know to expect... READ MORE

Is there a way to make my lips wider and more proportional? (Photo)

I was wondering if lip fillers would be a good option to make my lips appear wider and more proportional? I have very small but full lips, making them... READ MORE

How to create a more heart shaped effect in my face? And will lip fillers create a more proportioned look in my face? (photo)

I have a long face, with a wide jaw region, I would like to create a more heart shaped effect, how is this possible? I imagine dermal fillers of some... READ MORE

Can you estimate the amount of filler I would need to make my lips more even? (photos)

I know there is no foolproof way to tell without seeing me in person but looking at my image, can you estimate how much filler I may need to bring my... READ MORE

Would fillers be suitable to add width to my face and disguise the unevenness? If so what area would be ideal? (photos)

I'm unhappy with the proportions of my face. I'm looking into rhinoplasty but would also like to make my face appear more even and add width as I feel... READ MORE

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