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Licensed Injectable Fillers and Botox in USA?

What are the products licensed as Injectable fillers and Botox in USA? I believe there are only five products approved by the FDA for use and I would... READ MORE

Juvederm, Voluma, Restylane, Radiesse? (Photos)

Hello. I would like to high up my cheeks area but I'm not sure what product would be the best for me. I've been doing some research but it's confusing... READ MORE

How long does it take for filler in the nose to dissolve?

I am now interested in getting rhinoplasty and I had filler in my nose in March and was wondering how long it takes for filler to dissolve or do you... READ MORE

If I can only spend around $1500 on injectibles where and what product is recommend for greatest impact? (Photos)

I just want to appear younger. My problem areas that I see are the hollowness under eyes ,droopy eyelids , jowls and down turned mouth. I had voluma... READ MORE

I would like lip injections but don't know what product to go for. Can anyone help?

I'm 20 years old and I have medium sized lips not small and definatly not huge (Angelina Jolie). I would love full plump bombshell lips but I want... READ MORE

Lumps in upper lip has no improvement, should I call my injector? (Photos)

I got juvederm lip injections a week ago. I've heard mixed opinions on the "lumpiness" of the product. Some say it will resolve itself. Some say there... READ MORE

Best product for grooves in cheek? (photo)

Can you tell me the best course of treatment for these grooves that are appearing in the upper cheek area and what products would be best. I had... READ MORE

Are my lips still swollen? (Photo)

My injector who is a nurse for cosmetic procedures keeps insisting that this is not the final outcome but my lips have not changed in three days. I... READ MORE

What are the best products and techniques to reduce interior scaring and bruising with lip fillers?

I've heard some women report permanent bumps, (scar tissue), years after a lip injection. I'm trying to discern what the best technique is to avoid... READ MORE

How many ml do I need for nasolabial folds? (Photo)

Hi, I was wondering how many mls of filler I would need for my nasolabial folds. Which product is best and how long will it last and cost? I am 32 :)... READ MORE

I am considering having Ellanse injected into my upper cheeks and nasolabial folds?

What is your knowledge and understanding of safety around this product. Kate READ MORE

Emervel Deep in lips?

I've had lip fillers 3 times before (restalyn) and never had any issues. This time I went to a new doctor, she used a product Emervel Deep. She... READ MORE

Is it possible to get another "brand" injected in the lips, once you have used one type for 2 years?

For 2 years now i got injected with Surgiderm 30 XP in my Lips and i would like to have a softer filler in there. I recently got them done about 3... READ MORE

Scared that I had an unsafe filler injected - Modelis by Anteis?

Hi, I just had Modelis by a brand Anteis injected in my cheeks at a clinic in Toronto, Canada. I can find very little information about this filler... READ MORE

Are there certain anatomical features that make using dermal fillers under the eyes totally untenable?

I have had 4 or so experiences with under eye fillers over 10 years - 1 great 3 terrible, with raised areas, lumps, bags, and "pillows" under the eyes... READ MORE

Looking for a doctor in Scottsdale Arizona who is experienced in filling the temples?

What is the safest product to use in the temples? I get other fillers often, but feel i need to go to a doctor for this area READ MORE

Dermal fillers can be purchased anyone in the UK?

Is the product come from reputable companies why can't I why can't I get any body is qualified to inject it READ MORE

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