Pressure + Injectable Fillers

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Can Migration of Filler Cause Skin Necrosis?

I am wondering if it is possible for migration of filler to "migrate" and put pressure on an artery causing skin necrosis? Has this ever... READ MORE

Will pressure used when molding a filler after injection cause damage to my own soft tissue?

I recently had perlane and juvederm in my chin and cheeks. I don't like the look and now planning on removing it with hyalase/hyaluronidase. My... READ MORE

Pain after 2 months of facial fillers?

I did facial filler for my cheeks. The injection was done by a surgical doctor under my eyes.i did that on 23rd June and I still have pain I. My... READ MORE

Swelling or filler under the eye? (photos)

What do you think? Is this only swelling from the treatment or is it filler? I had it injected a week ago, one eye went smoothly, the other, well... READ MORE

What's happening to me? (Permanent fillers)

I had a permanent bone material injected into my nose (1mg) .The PS said there were no complications or risks.But a week later I started having... READ MORE

Is there an alternative to getting fillers sitting up and under local anesthesia? Is it possible to get fillers while asleep?

Today I got fillers to lift my cheeks. I was going to get fillers around my mouth but after the dr gave me 3 injections I felt faint and had to lay... READ MORE

What filler is the most natural looking/feeling and well suited for correcting cheekbone asymmetry?

Is there a hyaluronic acid one that is suited? I am afraid of trying it out and being unable to dissolve it. I have very pale skin and I'm concerned... READ MORE

Flu like symptoms after dermafiller.

Please tell me this is normal. I feel week, my body aches same as flu even withdraw type aches as someone else described per my description. I just... READ MORE

I got chin fillers 3 days ago, Will pressing and massaging chin filler move it around/reduce the lasting time?

I got chin fillers 3 days ago but I have a habit of touching and pressing on it. Will pressing and massaging chin filler move it around/reduce the... READ MORE

Will pressure on dermafiller be effected?

I had dermafiller under my eyes 38 hours ago. I'm so pleased with results. However just now I went to kiss my dog and his nose pressed under my eye. I... READ MORE

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