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2 days post op, I got aqua filler injected into my chin and it is still swollen. Is this normal? (photos)

I got pmma or aqua filler injected into my chin area, it has been 2 days since the injection and my chin area is still swollen is this... READ MORE

PMMA for the Buttocks and Face? Why Safe For Face But Not The Butt?

If PMMA is not safe for the buttocks why is it used as a facial filler for HIV patients. Im confused. If facial use was approved by the FDA why not... READ MORE

Follow up to my previous question: PMMA was injected into my chin and it's swelling again. (photo)

I wrote into real self on july 6 , pmma was injected to my chin, my chin swelled up and in a couple of days the swellling went down, now my chin is... READ MORE

Is PMMA safe to inject into the face?

Hello, I had medical grade PMMA injected into my face 3 days ago and seem to be getting more swollen every day. I had it injected to create a more... READ MORE

PMMA filler for Jaw Augmentation? (Photo)

I had Radiesse for my jawline .75ml each side to give me a stronger jaw, it lasted around two years and I really liked the result. I want repeat the... READ MORE

Injections of bio gel PMMA for butt. Is it safe?

Hi i looking for injection bio gel pmma i want to know if the results was nice / naturel and healt for my body? READ MORE

Flat spot on back of skull - other than an implant is there any other option to fill the depression?

I have a flat spot on the back of my head which makes my hair appear thinner and overall is not an attractive look. i would rather not get an implant... READ MORE

I Had PMMA Injected in my Penis. Now It's Deformed? What Type of Surgery Am I Looking At?

I had over 20c of PMMA injected in my penis last week for girth enhancement. My member is now grossly deformed. What type of surgery am I looking at... READ MORE

PMMA Injections 6 Yrs Ago Caused Granulomas in Forehead? (photo)

Have developed granulomas in forehead 6 yrs after PMMA injections - how can I get rid of BAD lumps? They only appeared a year ago and vary greatly in... READ MORE

I Had PMMA Injected in my Face. I Know, I Know, Poor Judgment. Can I Ever Have Any Other Kind of Filler Injected?

While traveling in South America 2 yrs ago, I stupidly had PMMA injected in my face, for scarring and under-eye hollowing. I am in my 40s. Although I... READ MORE

I had 2 PMMA nodules excised. Is the wound healing normally? (Photo)

1 excision healed perfectly. This one (in the pic) was very bruised, and it still has a dark red line above the main incision that has hardly faded. I... READ MORE

If I Had PMMA Inject Before, and Didn't Have Any Problems, is Safe for Me to Have It Again?

I had a small portion of pmma injected in my nose 8 years ago. Didn't have any torubles. Last month i did it again in my face, and after reading what... READ MORE

Removal of permanent filler (bio plastique) in upper cheek area? (Photo)

Several years ago I had pmma filler in my cheeks. It was overfilled at my last of several sessions. I had Kenalog and 5fu to the area to slow any... READ MORE

Are any researching about remove pmma?

Take in consideration so many people around the world suffering with this problem, and tones of woman that has be foolish by doctor to use this kind... READ MORE

I have used a PMMS/HA filler to treat acne scars. Any suggestions?

My skin now feels lumpy two months later and I have a large multinucleate bump/granuloma on my right cheekbone. It was an Acquafiller product. Can you... READ MORE

Is PMMA a safe filler for PGE?

I would really like to know if PMMA is a safe option for a subcutaneous filler. I am considering the procedure. READ MORE

Skull reshaping surgery: Is MMA an osteobond?

Hello dear doctors! Can I ask you one thing? I am interested in skull reshaping surgery. And i want to ask if MMA is also an osteobond? How does it... READ MORE

What's the best long lasting dermal fillers for the cheek?

I have tried to inject dermal filler in my left cheek, but it does not stay, within a few days it is gone. I have tried several types of dermal... READ MORE

PMMA fillers on my cheeks and under eye. Can it be removed?

PMMA fillers done on my cheeks and under eye in 2004. my left eye has been produced a nodule as well as one big nodule on my left cheek and lately it... READ MORE

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